Tuesday, May 6, 2008

About ME

Yes, it's about ME!

1. Grateful Guy had a contest in April, and I won!!!

My wonderful list of prizes include:

  1. A bamboo flannel. Totally unused, though it has been laundered ready for use, according to the manufacturers instructions.
  2. A copy of Life Wealth 101. 2nd hand, though a good readable copy.
  3. Coffee. You all know how much I love my mug of hot coffee, so I’m giving away a 100g bag of vanilla flavoured coffee beans.
  4. A decorative “cake soap” bar. I’ll try to get some pictures of this up soon. It’s a bar of soap, in the shape of a slice of cake. There’s a layer of what appear to be oats on the bottom, then the rest of the “cake”, with a layer of “cream” on top. All made out of soap.
  5. A Green & Black’s cereal bar.

He has a great journal, not only for the possiblity of winning a contest, but, because he makes you remember the little things in life can make you happy.

2. Along with my LTGP, Peter, and our third partner, the every fab GolfWidow, I was awarded a prize at the Blog Prom held by Sunshine last week. You can see my groovy Prom Crown on the side of my journal. Let it be known that Peter won for tearing up the floor with his dance moves, and GW for her hip attire, among other things... she won THREE awards... rock on, my friend, rock on! I won for being most likely to be smoking something slightly illegal in the parking lot.

As if.

I want to thank both Sunshine and Grateful Guy for my wonderful things... they are treasured.

Now, to other things...

The person who commented on my last entry...

Thank you for reminding me that not everyone is nice who posts here... it makes me appreciate those who do offer their words of decency, humour, kindness... the things that make me think or give me a reason to possibly alter my view on an issue rise in stature.

You remain a wankstain.

I have been at a hospital from around 6.20AM until 6.15PM this evening, in a sitting room, waiting to hear about my mom. I still haven't seen her. She's okay, but, no rooms are available to place her, so, they kept her in recovery. I slept sitting up in a chair and drank hospital coffee. All of that was better than reading your blargh.

I've given you too much of my time already.

I have to go back once again to the ICU, come home and try and re-arrange a flight to New York, and change the sheets because the terrier had a temper tantrum.

With all of that, my life is still so much brighter than yours.



Peter Varvel said...

GIVE IT to him, Quin!
Or is it her?
I think 'it' is more appropriate.
Blarghy wankstain, indeed (I'm going to add that to my growing list of Quin-isms I use, buggeryfuck!).

Continued prayers going out for both you and mum.

Anonymous said...

It's typical of a chicken-shit COWARD to write a 'Letter to the Editor'-type comment and express disparaging comments about someone or something, and not provide his/her name for direct rebuttal. In case you missed it, that's CHICKEN-SHIT COWARD!!! Those people NEVER deserve the dignity of a response. You are too nice, Quin... Continued prayers for you and your Mama.

austere said...

Sounds like a long day- you get some rest, ok?

I liked that term, nice one, Quin.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Hang in there and soon, your mom will be playing gin again, in between trying to talk you in moving down South.

Anonymous said...

LoL, never heard 'wankstain' before...hahaha

yay for your lovely prizes! Hope your mom's good :) Take care!! xoxo

Loobell said...

*sigh* @ the "secret admirer" how quaint to use the word admirer as their handle..... I felt the need to comment by saying.. self indulgent? Surely blogging is just that? Thing is.. so many of us love to read what Miss Quinn is up to out there in her world.

Oh and my comment to you is: Wankstain tosspotbollockwankertwit. *smiles sweetest smile* Sorry, I can't be grown up about this..

Loobell said...

Sorry Miss Quin Give my best hugs and love to my telephone tutor for gin and please give the terroror a hug from auntie Loobell X

P.S Drew broke his ankle on sunday night/Monday morning and is in hospital at the moment! T has to learn to cook as looks like he will be off his feet for at least 8 weeks. He has to have a plate put in.

Quin Browne said...

thank you everyone... a good nights sleep (thank you valium) helped. mom was quite amusing in her drugged state, insisting she and my long deceased uncle jerry were taking a break from painting a house.

to loo~ahahahahahahaha!

Constant Drama said...

Ahahahahaah I didnt event know there's such a thing as a blog prom but more power to you Quin. Congrats!


And wankstain, its soooo funny. I like it. Better than asshat. Kudos.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Some drugs can really do a number on your reality especially those pain killers. I hope your mom is ok.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"Wankstain?!" I love it! Must be a British thing!