Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Film Is PG-13 For A Reason

I may do a full review on Indiana Jones, I'm not sure I have it in me.

I know this much.... parents who bring their 7-9 year old children to a weekday 1.30 PM PG-13 show, when there is school, should be glared at. The film has a rating for a reason. When they bring a horde of children, and let them run wild, should be glared at twice. When they bring a horde of children, let them run wild, and talk so much that I cannot Hear. The. Dialogue.

They need to leave.

In spite of numerous complaints by the five adults who were oh, so, happy before the aforementioned horde showed up, they were not made to leave.

I missed portions of the film, the level was that loud.

On my departure, the moms were standing about, chit chatting. I walked past, and one made a comment, about my shushing the children.

She said I was rude.

Rude? Me?

I used my stage voice, the one that is level, lifted and carries without being anything more than a normal voice.

"Your children ruined our (gestured to the others behind me who were leaving) film going experience. They were ill behaved, loud and out of control. That is your doing. Why weren't they in school?? No film is worth missing school. And, you still don't have them under control, look at them."

One stepped up. "You are just rude!"

I looked her up and down, raised my eyebrow and leaned in. "Madam, I hope your children have nightmares tonight."

I took my refund, and went home. There are two words for these kind of people; Video Rental. Sometimes, I'm not a nice person.

Today was one of those times.


Solomon said...

Good for you! :)

TheInvestment said...


austere said...

QUIN, I want to hear THAT voice. Sharp, cuts clean, that one.

Now wait a minute. I don't.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I always know there's a reason why I like you so. Now I do.

Brava Quin, brava.

Anonymous said...

LOL yay Quin!! hahaha

Bill From Gainesville said...

It was so bad that the management of the theater gave you your money back? wow! How so insensitive of the mothers

Anonymous said...

One word for those muthas, Quin: INCONSIDERATE! Sorry that your experience was ruined and trampled upon. You deserved much better.

Loobell said...

WE knows how to complain thee and me .. I am proud of you Miss Quin. It is lothesome when kids in the movie theatre spoil the viewing pleasure of others. Why do management not throw them out on their ears any more? As for missing school ... the parents should be publicly flogged ;-)

Harriet V said...

I am glad you got a refund. As far as rude, the answer -- in part -- is "Madam, you don't know the meaning of the word!"

I don't go to the movies as a rule, but I hear that local audiences in New Haven cheered loudly every time they saw local scenes, as parts of the film were shot here.

TheInvestment said...

Bill, She has a way of talking to people. She could get a refund for a movie she downloaded off the internet.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Madam, I hope your children have nightmares tonight."


"Sometimes, I'm not a nice person."

On the contrary, you are truthful person and the truth hurts like a stale Jujube plucked from underneath the seat, and tossed at a rude mother with the velocity of a Roger Clemens steroid-induced fastball.

Peter Varvel said...

Passive-aggressive me is in awe of you.
Those mothers will increasingly regret the lack of discipline in their children's lives as all grow older, you watch!
Love, Childless Pete

Bud said...

I want to take you to the movies.

V. said...

I had the exact same experience at a Spiderman movie last summer. What I found out is that the theater will let anybody go and see any movie and if a patron is having a bad time it is up to them to leave the theater. Refunds are not given after 15 minutes.

Oh but I got a refund.

Quin Browne said...

i simply believed if that is why there are saturday they call all yell and scream at the show..that's what we did as kids. then the grown ups went at night...

anyway, the look on her face...

dear me.

bud~you buy the tickets, i've got the bigasspopcornspecial.

v~come sit with loo and i

austie~it's the look you want to avoid

pv~say it from your gut...then run.

sortamom~i didn't cheer, but, i thought...hey! i've seen that!

bill~you can't imagine the decibel level. my kids would have been removed...but, then, my kids wouldn't have done it. now it's me they shush me when i go into "omg, look at the continuity or do you know who that is?" they bring duct tape.

and i have a bad laugh.

ps investment, um, i did get some mb back into my graboid account when a download went wrong. *cough*

MrHarlequin said...

Austere, trust me. There are many things in life you should experience.

(to pinch a style)


Theinvestment: So true lol.