Monday, May 19, 2008

Go West, Indeed

Moving time is creeping up.

Last year, I went west for a short period when HRH married, to put the house in order, have the Garage Sale and then, head back to New York, where I had planned on staying...having sold almost everything I owned, put my house on the market, figuring I'd be set here in New York.

Recession hit. My little House in the Land O'Utes didn't sell, and, I am heading back home to live there. As much as ich bien ein New Yorker, I can't carry on living on grits.

Now, I'm going back, to live on real food, in a fairly empty home. Remember the Garage Sale, and selling pretty much everything I owned??

Things change.

I will go from walking one kind of canyons to another.

I will find myself no longer surrounded by eight million of my closest unknown friends, where it takes me two hours to go five miles but, by 20 stoplights, and everyone I know in town is within a ten minute drive.

One Starbucks in town, instead of one on every corner. Not that it matters, I drink my coffee at a friend's shop on Main Street.

For once, I won't have a pet of any kind... this alone will be something to adjust to, not having even the glaooming rat chewing puppy upstairs who is currently snoozing on my leaking inflatable bed, her head on my feet... this will take getting used to.

I will return to a real bed. I have to admit, I am looking forward to not blowing up my bed on a regular basis.

I am moving from what is seen as a 'great' deal in New York, a nice sized basement apartment with free utilities and WiFi (and amazing landlords) to a house for the same price. I am giving up R and C... that part makes my heart hurt.

I gain The Investment and HRH and a gaggle of Neebes children and two Cheeky kids, each with their own delightful way about them.

I will take C home in my heart. He will always own a piece of it.

The WeatherGuy stays here, too... having taught me much. We are always in touch, and he still makes me laugh. My Oddship.. well, that is something fragile and beloved and each of us respects what the other can do, is thankful for the other's presence, and we stand back...I'm not sure why.

The films I see will no longer be nicked offline, but, once more, I'll sit there with my kids or Sisterwife, at the Church of The Cinema 8, where you can see a first run film for $4.50, and get the BigAssBucketSpecial (large re-filled popcorn, two large re-filled drinks AND a candy, thankyouverymuch) for $10.00. My thighs quiver at the thought.

I will go from nothing of mine, to a full yard, that needs planting and love and with luck, will again flourish. No more looking out over the skyline....instead, I can sit on my front swing, behind my iron fence, and look over 100 miles of open land, to the mountain range beyond. Clear skies and Orion are there, waiting. I won't see stars at the Waverly Inn or on Broadway, mine are above...

I still have three more plays to cram in, then, I'll be working on three plays. I am the Prop Goddess....I am not allowed near power tools. One flat still bears my blood because of said tools. Some think it is cursed, much like King's Mangler.

The ferry and subways will be a thing of my past, I-15 and the perfectly laid out streets of Utah will be my present. Norma and I will learn each other again, I will remember she is not drivable in the snow, and that I know more curse words that I know here, bringing them forth when people forget simple things like turn signals or to stop for a stop sign. They will learn that now I call everyone in the world, "Jack".

It's a 2366.72 mile drive, give or take. It may include a side trip to Texas, to pick up a friend there. Nothing like an extra week of driving to the woman who hates cars. Otherwise, it's I-70 straight to Utah, with a stop off in Denver to see the FMDkids there, then, a left turn on I-15, head straight south for 90 minues, and I'm home.

Home. At least for a bit.

You never know where you are going to land, do you?


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

You make it sound sooo wonderful and homey. I wanna go to Utah with the sunflowers in the backyard and the BigAssBucket special....

Hhhhmmmm, maybe I can make a trip to Utah. I have friends there. Hhhhhmmmmm....

Oh btw, in case you wanna know what happened to Valley Girl:

Bill From Gainesville said...

So its not your choice? or to state it correctly, it's your choice to move out of NY but it has kind of been dictated to you by financial circumstances/ job situation etc.? ---
If thats what it is then this is something we have in common. I chose to move to Miami, but I did it based on other factors. In all reality I do believe I would rather live in GNV and make the same type of money I do here in Miami. --
I wonder about my choice, I think I could have stayed in GNV just would have had to give up my career and my middle class lifestyle and traded it in for a poor mans existence struggling to get by doing work that is not fulfilling?
And now I struggle to make the best of all the loneliness I face and to get connected to this city
You have to embrace the struggle

coastrat said...

Quin, I feel happy for you, but also sad. You are leaving things, special people and places you love, and really changing your life. Well, like they say, "when one door closes, another opens..." If you decide to swing down to Texas, why don't you detour through Mississippi; you can see your mom again, and perhaps I can say Hi and Goodbye at the same time...

Bud said...

This makes me very sad that it has become less likely that we ever get to meet face to face. I know it is bitter/sweet for you. I hope you're not the type to dwell on the bitter. Life is good no matter where we breathe, in my book. But then, I'm a white American and one lucky son-of-a-bitch. Very lucky. Scary lucky. The size mediums are back ordered so if you leave before I send, please give me an address.

Quin Browne said...

i am very okay with leaving.

i never dwell on bitter.

i may pass though new orleans, where she is right now, but, to be honest... i'm looking at almost 5k miles of driving, even another 300 makes me, i doubt i will.

the land o'utes holds good things, good memories, a place where i found out what it means to dwell in someone's heart, even if neither of us live there. i have no plans on being there forever...

unless this effing recession is forever.

until then, i have peaches to can with mrs s, films to go to, a play festival i helped start, and my kids.

i'm good.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I will return to a real bed. I have to admit, I am looking forward to not blowing up my bed on a regular basis."

I'm sure your back will even appreciate this more.

I'm sad for C. I'm sad for me (because I'm selfish like that) because I've only been to Utah once and I thought our the families could eat family style Italian in the NYC. I'm sad because when I go mumbling on the "F" Train, you won't be there, recoiling in horror ; )

I'm happy for you that you don't have to scrimp, scratch and eke a living. I'm glad that you have a backyard again and hopefully the peace of mind that comes with space.

Michael Manning said...

Quin: I feel for you. But as my bloggers know, I traveled 10 states and 39 cities before I landed in Arizona. Your house will sell eventually and I feel you'll return to "The Big Apple". lol! :)

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Good Luck QB!!!!

I hope you can take some pics and blog about the adventure! That is really what life is...up's, down's, and experiences that can sometimes turn into adventures.

Loobell said...

I know you are good with this move now. New York has been lucky nay blessed, that you took the time to touch, taste, feel and observe her.Even more so that you have put these discoveries into words.... I know it hasn't been an easy journey for you the last couple of years. Thank you for sharing it with me (and everyone else) I feel like I have lived it too in a way.
Have a safe drive. Get enough sleep to concentrate on your driving. Not too many Donuts on the way.... I will speak to you very soon. Love you

austere said...

arrey! you're moving..Guess Life has something special in store. Not an easy move. But the net makes so much of a difference, a routine makes a difference and family of course makes the biggest difference. You'll do fine, Quin.

modelbehavior said...

Love the canyon comparison. I wonder which is more dangerous.

Alone on the Isle said...

It is amazing how quickly things can change; but, it is the unpredictability of it all that makes life so interesting.

Best of luck with your move, and maybe we will both make it back to NYC someday.

MrHarlequin said...

You move, you grow, you move on.

This is something that has astounded, astounds and will continue to astound me, who rarely moves unless the ground is pulled from under me and is invariably dimimished by the process.

New York could probably do with the rest to recover, but I have no doubt, like Arnie;

You'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Addi - why can't you take your dog with you? I hope you are happy in your new/old life!