Saturday, May 24, 2008

LOL Diner

What we have here is your basic diner.

It is the brainchild of my friend, GolfWidow... a simple place, where you can sit and have food and laughs, and buy a little reminder of your time there.

There is but one problem... Like the University of Okoboji, which has wanted to build som..a fe..a building for a number of years, there is no LOL Diner. There is, however, a great story behind the need for one, the desire for one... why one should exist. The LOL Diner is only in the business stage plan.

Right now.

But, with the help of the kind hearted people who one day want to sit and have this menu:

dey b steelin' mah frahz
i haz a corm
rolf wafflez
i made u a cookie but i eated it
tiny medium bukket

om nom nom

It will happen. That or I'll stop cringing when I see words spelled that way.

You can actually contribute towards this dream... by wearing items of clothing with LOL DINER on them.

I plan on purchasing one. One day, my dream is to work there.

Really, it is.


inflammatory writ said...

LOLspeak makes me giggle. True story. I don't know why. Maybe its because I imagine my cats saying it. :)

coastrat said...

FAR OUT! interesting menu...

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I would sooooo get fatter in this diner. Seriously.

And oh may I please have two orders of "dey b steelin' mah frahz" while we're at it.

Question....can we bring our pets to this diner?

austere said...

quin, this is off topic but looks good for your story.

At the diner do they have vegetarian Gujju food on the menu?

golfwidow said...

Pets are welcome, by the way. Check out the gift shoppe ... they even have their own special dinnerware.