Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Agenda~Three Word Wednesday

When my dad was alive, one of our 'big' events was shopping at Wal-Mart.

It was one of our routines... he would ask his usual, "What's on the agenda today?", and I'd say, "Wal-Mart!". He'd shout, "It's New Money Day!!", announcing the fact we'd received our checks from The Man, where we'd both worked at one time or another. We'd sit down, and thrash out menus, finish our coffee, I'd tidy the kitchen, we'd shower, dress and meet in the garage. It was a good time, picking up stuff we needed and didn't need, then going home and putting it away.

When he went to the assisted living facility, we still went to Wal-Mart, for him to pick up his snacks he ate while sitting in his recliner (I won't tell you how many bits and pieces we found of his snacks when we moved the chair after his death), he'd buy new flannel bottoms, an audio book or two, maybe a shirt. Afterwards, we'd go to lunch and then I'd put everything away. He was harder to deal with then, often vindictive, grumpy, depressed. Still, he'd call and say, "It's New Money Day!", and off we'd go.

It was a nice agenda.

Now, I go with The Investment. He's the driver now, and I sit and talk. He looks a great deal like my Dad... tall, dark curly hair, snapping black eyes, effortless in his lanky way of walking. He, too, has a payday on the 1st of each month. We drive to Wal-Mart, and he does his shopping, discussing items he's buying.... what will go the longest in his fridge, what's the best kind of cheese, why that pork loin such a good deal. I'll pick up food, too, at times... a book.. some really nice cotton long sleeved tshirts. We wander and talk and laugh. No one makes me laugh like my kids do, and he's at the top of the pack.

I thought to myself things were kinda going in full circle, giving me a new routine. I knew this was so when he called me last week, and caused me to do one of those things when you smile with teary eyes.

"Mom, what's on the agenda? It's New Money Day!"


Three Word Wednesday's words were thrash, vindictive, and effortless. I found it easy to put them into this little blog post...


ThomG said...

Everyday things are the best, especially between family. Thanks for the honesty, a look into you.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Man, that is living right there when it comes full circle like that. -- I must have missed the post where you explain the name "the Investment" what does that mean?

Peter Varvel said...

Love this, the seemingly little things in life that bond us and build even just part of the emotional security in our families.
Full circle . . . what bits and pieces can we expect to find and have to clean up when your time comes?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

The Investment is such a nice guy. I want to say lovely guy but I'm afraid he wont feel all macho from that.

Quin Browne said...

thom~you are welcome!

bill~he was the only planned child, and the only one who hasn't been misplaced, injured or locked in a car. he said once this is because he was 'the investment'. the rest is history.

peter~i'm not telling.

cd~he is indeed... and, he would still be macho... ha!

austere said...

Family time.

Building memories. Dusting old ones.

One day, The Investment will say to his daughter....

gautami tripathy said...

Life comes full cirle. Always...

evil is objectively effortless