Thursday, October 9, 2008

Six Sentences

Thom, who writes Surface Tension, and I have given birth.

Well, it was his idea, I was astute enough to recognise it as a clever one, and tickled he asked me to do this with him, this interesting new way of writing something we both enjoy writing--flash fiction.

Thom introduced me to Sunday Scribblings (which I've passed on to others) and Three Word Wednesday. He's got a great voice when he writes, and, as I said, an offer I couldn't refuse. "Let's write a six together" he said, and we did.

There was no discussion of plot at any time... you just read the sentence you were sent, and decided where to go from there. It's not chance the title is Internal Combustion, since our analogy on writing this was one of us backs the car out of a garage, another drives a few blocks, then, we switch drivers.... never discussing the destination. It's been a hoot, and, I've gained a new friend... always a blessing in life.

So, if you don' t mind, have a read over at Six Sentences, and put a few words on what you think... please, as always, be honest.

Thanks again, Thom....for your trust, your excellent idea and your friendship.