Wednesday, October 22, 2008

At Least It's Not On YouTube

The i-Pod, it's wonderful, it's amazing, it makes you forget not everyone hears the music.

I've enjoyed my new i-Pod... especially since it was free. The Brother gave me his busted one, telling me I could keep it, and get it fixed if I wanted to do so... He didn't tell me it was dead when he first offered it, you see. I'd told him of my sad loss of my little red Nano the kids had given me before I left for New York, with "As long as we're living, our Mommy you'll be" on the back. I'd walk down the street, walking the dogs, rubbing my thumb over the engraving...

Since I touched it so much, it was struck with Quinitis... a nice way of saying I fried the insides, as I tend to do with electronic equipment. The AppleTech kept shaking his head over the poor thing. Now, I wanted another red one with engraving, so, I had to return the Nano rather than just take one from the store. Walking to the train the next day, there in my 'hood in the Bronx, the box marked APPLE on top of my laptop case, some guy ran past, grabbing the box and continuing on his morning jog.

I said, sotto voce, to him, "Hey, Jack, it's fried!".

So, I was out a Nano, he had a great box.

Therefore, The Brother offered to give me his extra one, gratis, here you go, Sis! Then, he broke the news it was dead.

Long story short, the nice folks at Apple gave me a brand new one, after we'd chatted a bit, told some jokes, exchanged email addresses.

When I did my first download off The Brother's desktop, I had 1066 songs on the little player.... so, I named it Hastings.

Think about it.

I have a gazillion songs... in every genre, just the way I like it. I use it more and more, enjoying the sounds coming from the great headset... just enjoying life, you know?

I also have a part time job, through Halloween, working for a friend's costume shop... she rents everything, and a large part of our inventory are period dresses. She hires me because I'm honest, I am good at putting costumes together, and I know the different periods, so, I won't give you Renaissance when you wanted Elizabethan.

Fast forward... and here is my day, in the method of that little commercial:

Rental for period costumes-$35
Hourly pay for friend-$10
Not telling your friend you are sending costumers over, so, they walk in while she's sorting dresses, iPod in place, dancing and singing along in full voice with ZZ Top's Black Betty.


No YouTube of, here's Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tell me you wouldn't be moving starting with that first guitar riff...


austere said...


What dance, but?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Are you sure it's not on youTube? I'm still searching for mine.

Peter Varvel said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha! CAUGHT.
And that fuzzy, electric feeling I have inside, lately - it's called Quinitis, you say?

Bill From Gainesville said...

1066 the battle of hastings?

Quin Browne said...


cd~hush your mouth!

peter~um, i hate to tell you... yes.


modelbehavior said...

wait - a jogger stole your iPod box and just kept jogging?? what a world we live in