Sunday, October 19, 2008

No To Proposition 8~Sunday Scribblings


It's the prompt on the Sunday Scribblings this you have it? What do you think of it? Comments, words, photos on style.

I have no style... I live my life in a eclectic style; from clothing to music to reading to the way I decorate. The way I dress is limited to one thing only--it has to be natural fabrics. I cannot abide pretend fabrics, it has to be wool or cotton or bamboo or lovely glorious silk... otherwise, forget it.

Aside from that, I'm pretty pathetic.

I'll read anything, try listening to anything, taste pretty much any food, and my decorating sense is sad. Where do I have style?

In the choice of friends. People who stand up for and believe in causes... who do something about it.

Currently, there is a huge debate going on about Proposition 8 in California. People want to ban the unions and marriages for gays. I'm always puzzled by this kind of thought... I can go with the oft said droll comment of "Why shouldn't they marry and be as miserable as straight couples?"
I can go with the, "Equal rights for all.", or the "Well, why not?"

For me, it's this: love is love. No matter if you are straight or gay, when you love someone, you desire them in your life. It is our genetic makeup, the harking back to early man and the need to form a family. So what if it's not male/female? Does that lessen the need, the desire, the wanting to have the person that makes your heart beat faster with you in all ways?

Sure, there is the fact many churches now do a commitment ceremony for gay couples... this does not give the same weight to the union. There is no reason not to allow it, really. You can sputter and spout it's not 'normal'. I'm not sure what normal is, are you?

Straight unions run a high divorce rate. People don't commit to anything anymore; friendships, partners, relationships... we throw away all of these things because we don't care to work on them, it's easier to move on. If anyone is willing to put forth the effort to be happy in a relationship, who has the right to say no?

I find it interesting that it's a 'civilised' issue with gays. My father was a long time observer of the early Native American tribes. Many, especially the Navajo, were not only accepting of gays, but, made them an important member of the tribe. I wish I could remember the name of the first book I read dealing with this... it's in storage, and my mind is drawing a blank.

It was a book written about a Native American male who lived his life as a woman... in the 1800's. He was accepted by both sides of the gender line, happy in his existence, and had a mate.

The mate wasn't female.

No one batted an eye, it was what was, the Great Spirit created all kinds of people, and that was that.

We gasp and draw away and shake our heads when someone says they are gay, that they live in a committed relationship with another of the same sex. We should be celebrating the love, the concern, the caring. We should allow the same legal rights to same sex couples.... it's so wrong, so very wrong, to deny these rights. It is not fair I can live with a man, never marry him, and know he's eligible for medical care and insurance and other basic rights, yet, if I were with a woman as my lover, she's on her own.

Proposition 8 wants to take back advances made in California. McCain doesn't believe in gay rights, gay adoption... we fear things we don't understand. I don't like that one bit. Of course, there are other things I don't like about McCain/Palin... that's for another time.

Do what you can to give support to stop Proposition 8. Check out the link, if you would, and just read what it's about.

You can also read Prince Gomolvilas's open letter about this entire thing. He is right, it's not about gay marriage, it's about basic rights to all who love. He's got class and style in that post... and an excellent POV.

Proposition 8 needs to be defeated. Let people have the right to marry the one they love, who love them. I'm not saying the world will be fixed by this, or made better... I do know it will not create evil.

Love. We all want it, desire it... Support the right for all to have the right to marriage and all that comes with it, emotionally and legally.

I believe in love.


paisley said...

if prop 8 passes the entire community of divorce lawyers will cry out so loud their sobs will be heard round the world...

i am with you,, if they want to put uncle sam in their bed so be it... wont take long for them to figure out what we hetros have known for quite some time... live with them,, sleep with them do anything but marry them!!!!LOL!!!!

i do however hope it passes tho,, i cannot believe what a huge deal this has become.. i am embarrassed for human kind that in this year of 2008 we are still hung up on the same sex relationships.....

ThomG said...

As well a deconstruction of this issue as I've seen. Thanks.

raino said...

my vote is for any and all to have the right to marriage whatever form that takes. as you say, love is love. i have always felt this way.

Narrioch said...

Hey again! I'm squinting through a bad contact lens at my screen here. Your post was ace, and I found it really interesting the story about the Native American. If you recall the title, let me know! My great-great-great something or other grandfather also worked with Native American tribes, what was it..the 6 Nations? He was a white man also pushing for rights way back then. For a brief moment when I heard this I thought I might be part Indian Princess, hoping for an inter-racial marriage in the past, but sadly I'm not. Maybe I can marry Prince, become his Princess and that would blow everyone's minds away!

Solomon said...

I have strong feelings on this issue, but Wanda Sykes says it with way more hilarity than I ever could.

This Youtube video contains some very strong language, but it's very very funny.

Bud said...

This inconsistent feed thing is pissing me off. By the time I realize you've posted, I'm too far behind. I will never understand homophobia of any kind. And that's all I can say. How dare anyone think they have the right to legislate who you can love and marry.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Very succinctly put, Quin! Thanks for spreading the word...and the love.

Cormac Brown said...

It's odd that homophobes like to blame gays for everything that is wrong, how many openly gay politicans and Supreme Court Justices are there? Think about it, go on...I'll even spot you Barney Frank. Now, let us openly discourage monogamy among gays, because that makes just as much sense as blaming them for everything.

It is simply an excuse to keep gays from having the same rights as us. It doesn't change what they will do in public or in private, it just keeps them from having medical benefits, and the same estate rights as you and me.

inflammatory writ said...

I also believe in love. great post. :)

Peter Varvel said...

At school, I was fascinated to learn about the "dual-spirits" in some Native American tribes!
Google Walter Williams (a professor at USC) who has written about them.
Thanks for this post, Dear my Quin!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Yeah baby! Gay rights!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...
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Bill From Gainesville said...

Well said. to many homophobes in the republican party ... Its proposition 2 here in florida

Ree said...

Wonderful post Quin. I, also, believe in love. Love and work and everything else that comes with true marriage.

Rebekah said...


they were considered holy, of two souls. how can that be ugly?