Monday, March 9, 2009

Cheap Airfare

Loo and I are flying to Northern Ireland Thursday, to see her fiance and play tourist.

We are using one of the clever UK airline's flights that are free.... after taxes are paid. Oh, and if you want to have more than one carry-on, that's extra... pack that purse!! Wait, you want to check in online, and don't have a UK or EU passport? That's another 9.50 sterling, each way.

So, that's it... except if you want a seat. You pay for that. And, if you buy the cheap fares, they don't guarantee an oxygen mask. Or a seat belt. Or breathing at all on the flight. Each breath costs an extra 2 pounds. Ohhhh, you wanted to deplane? Get out your credit card!!

Okay, the last bits are pretend, but, you feel that way. Your 'free' flight ends up costing as much as a non-free one, where you can carry on something larger than a Tesco plastic bag.

If you carry a Sainsbury's one, they charge you.

Our Neville Fact

Neville and Margaret left on their cruise yesterday. They will be doing a History and Culture themed trip aboard the Hellenic ship, ξιπασμένος. The Greek staff tell everyone the name means "Precious" when in fact, it means "Pretentious". They have their table sittings, and received the list of the couples who will be sitting with them, along with their good friends. Included are the
Leonard and Leander Ponce-Duncombe of Surrey, the Viscount and Viscountess Howe (Neville and Shirley) of Wiltshire, Kiril and Olivia Welbore-Kir of London, Mungo and Emma Mardsen-Smedley who are from Aberdeen, Miss Lucy Hobhouse of Great Cocks, near Swindon and to finish out the group, Mr. Clifford Baniel of Silverstone. Neville is still grumpy over having to wear his coat and tie to each dinner, and Margaret is excited they may get to sit at the Captain's table during one meal. Amid kisses and waves from family, they were off!


Therapeutic Ramblings said...


I loathe them...they jacked me for 1 way tickets to Sotherby when Aer Lingus went on strike back in 2002.

raino said...

i have nothing to say but lucky duck you are! i was just there (in belfast) last october.

austere said...

Safe journey.
I'd vouch by Indigo, but a sandwich for Rs.125?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Ain't nothing is free in this world my friend.

golfwidow said...

Have a Guinness for me.

Wife and Mommy said...

I wanted to drop by to say thank you for your support in my Super Heavy Duty Post on Violence Unsilenced. I appreciate it greatly.