Saturday, March 7, 2009

The UK Me

I'm eating too much.

I graze all the time, as if I'd not been fed in years.

I also drink copious amounts of tea, something I seldom do in the States. I like mine white with one sugar... whole milk, please.

I eat leeks, toad in the hole, roast pork, sausages and bacon and toast for breakfast.. all things I leave behind when I go. Bars of CurlyWhirlys, Dairy Milk and Malteasers. While I'm here, though, I wallow in the love of these dinner foods, along with a pudding every night. I take baths in the wonderful bathtubs here. I walk everywhere...basically, I enjoy my life.

I watch 'Top Gear' and 'QI' and other shows I'd not be bothered with at home.... this place has become my second home, with friends who started as friends of my friend, the pub knows me, I have my own room, the dogs love me. I may go ahead and live here the six months we've discussed me doing...

And buy lots of stretchy pants if I do to cover the acres of flesh I'll become.

Our Neville Fact

Margaret has signed them both up for a cruise around Spain, traveling with the Bagsocks-Larsens; George and Flora. Neville hates cruises, as he's forced to be nice to people he doesn't know. Margaret looks forward to gin games and gin drinks, and continues to pack a case for both of them, ignoring Neville's grumping.


pookiegroupie said...

I'm so smart:

You want to stay in the UK?

Plant sit for Neville and Margaret whilst they cruise. And snoop. Please.

Solomon said...

It's Curly Wurly. :P

Have you seen The Vicar Of Dibley yet?

quin browne said...

i would SO snoop

solomon~in american, it's curlywhirly.
and, yes, in the states. love dawn french!

Anonymous said...

do you pay those poor suckers rent, you useless, mooching cow?

apparently the brits will take anyone in. even some old enemployed speech impedimented crone.

quin browne said...

No, they only take in people who can spell and communicate using real words n'shit.

'enemployed'? heh.

Loobell said...

Not that anyone needs to justify anything to the cowardly anonymous comment here. It barely deserves a response..

But do you question anyone's right to a holiday or is this just some sort of personal attack on Quin?

As an honoured long term friend and the current host of this wonderful, giving and special person I feel both defensive of my heritage and personally slighted by this cowardly comment.

I invited Quin to stay with me as my guest in my home in the same way as I have been in hers.

vinny said...

Where's my Margaret booking my trip?

austere said...

D'you suppose they'd offer a bulk discount for the cruise if I tagged along?

Like the UK so much, eh.

Cormac Brown said...

"I eat leeks, toad in the hole, roast pork, sausages and bacon and toast for breakfast."

Oh, I'm hungry.

Speaking of "Top Gear" (which I don't get to watch, dammit!), did you hear about the chef going off on Jay Kay's (Jamiroquai) Enzo Ferrari?

TheInvestment said...

Mom, stop being so speech inpedimented.

Seriously though. The comment window highlights "inpedimented" screaming "You're doing it wrong!" to the prom queen that wrote it.

coastrat said...

I hope that you are able to stay awhile; what a beautiful opportunity - and you have it coming!

I see another anonymous bozo coward showed his ugly, yellow head...