Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit From The Past

The Ex is in town.

It's always a difficult time for me, when he drives over to see our kids. Part of me, a small part, is resentful he's only now really attentive to them, having left the difficult part when they were growing up in my not always capable hands.

A larger part wants to sit around with him and said kids and enjoy them together. Regardless of how our divorce came to be, and whatever happened in the meantime, he can still make me laugh (as I do with him) and we are older, wiser (I hope) and life is just too fecking short to waste on old anger. Sadly, it won't happen.

Ah, well.


Anonymous said...

I salute your healthy attitude, Quin. So much energy every day in the world is wasted on anger.

Bless you!

raino said...

i can see how that situation would be difficult.

austere said...


Loobell said...

However much they make you laugh ....they always manage to do something which makes you realise why you are no longer together.
keep your head and I too salute your philosophy on this