Monday, March 2, 2009


My friends in Silverstone fund an amazing organisation.

They'd vacationed as a group in Kenya a number of years ago, and after meeting Janet and Allen, they ended up 'adopting' the local village. In the time since the first visit, they've funded a tap in for clean water, provided clothing and food, and...built a school from the ground up.

Angie heads the group, going to schools here and different organisations, raising money and finding sponsors for the children in the school. Not a dime raised goes to any thing but the school and the children. Her group pays for their own travel. It takes around $18.00 a month pays for teacher's salaries, food and uniforms for your sponsored child. They bring out clothing and toys when they head to the area every year. Most of the children are orphans, from the constant violence and AIDS.

I'm sponsoring Valerie... she's three and an orphan after her parents were killed last year in the election riots. She lives with her aunt who is also taking care of two other orphans.... I'm humbled to be able to do this to help them out.

Janet and Allan had a dream of building a school... Janet bought a brick at a time, even knowing the project would take years, at .05 a brick, it was a huge undertaking. Janet and Allan were born and raised in this village, and take care of 14 children on their own.

Have a look at the site, if you can. It takes so little... $5 will help buy food..give clothing that is neat and clean and not some cast-off. When you have nothing, it doesn't mean you should have to wear rags. Every little girl deserves a dress that twirls, and these people make sure that happens.

There are more than lions in Kenya... there are also people you can help. Think about it.


austere said...

Bless you.

One does what one can here.

quin browne said...

bless you, my friend.. you helped inspire me to do this...

TheInvestment said...

Forget Norway!

coastrat said...

Bless you, Quin, and your kind heart!