Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've become an addict.

HGTV is my lover, and I'm it's bitch. Yes, it's true... I watch it when I'm not watching TCM, finding myself picking the house in House Hunters, yelling if they chose the one I think is not right... wondering how I'll decorate my no longer my house, the things I can do to it to update and make it even better.

The key phrase is, 'no longer my house'.

I've hung painting and photographs in the new townhouse, accepting it's not mine. If I move to LA, I'll be in a pre decorated master suite, so, my stuff will go back into storage. I'm pretty sure they'll empty their house to decorate the new one, so, who knows? I may get to hang a few things and move some of my antique furniture into the space. I'll be able to plant again, and there is a yard guy, so, I don't have to mow. And, I can buy some KABOOM! Billy Mays makes me want to buy crap for my house.

Although I don't miss anything I disposed of, I sometimes wish I'd kept a few things to make my life easier should I move west.

Or, I can put in for a house makeover, and be on television again.

Now, that's an idea!

Our Neville Fact:

Due to requests from many... okay, two.... tomorrow will be a full report of Margaret and Neville's Grand Cruise.


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Kaboom!! Is potent. In college my friend used it on her rug....she poured about half a bottle of it onto the rug and neglected to open a window. We are pretty sure she killed quite a few of my friend's brain cells who slept in that room for the night.

austere said...


I go green over the Homes and Gardens page on the NYT.

Always dream about stuff I'd do back home. Move this wall, kota stone for the floor. Always.

Cormac Brown said...

I especially love House Hunters, the Canadian real estate shows and House Hunters International. One of the Canadian real estate shows threw me off the first time I saw it ("that's too much house for the money, what are they thinking?") until I figure it out by the host's accent.

Mostly I watch to scoff at the bastards that complain that 2,300 sq. ft is not enough house. Try living with three people in a 780 sq. ft two bedroom, one bath.

Michael DeAntonio said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who is addicted to that channel. and, yes, that's how I will refer to it- that channel. Forget Cali. You should move to rural NC. That's where all the jobs and creative communities exist. Promise.

raino said...

love it too! you are not alone.

golfwidow said...

I want to love a place enough to want to decorate it again. It's not happening, here.

Anonymous said...

When were you on television???

Now you have three requests for a "Neville Update."

Anonymous said...

Billy Mays is a selling machine.