Friday, July 27, 2007

And, The Rockin' Girl Blogger Goes To.....

Oh, yeah.

A bit ago, I received this from the ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER herself, GolfWidow.

I was stunned, I was flattered.. I procrastinated.

According to the Rules, I can only pass this on to five, count them, FIVE, other girl bloggers.

Sucks rocks... but, that's the rules.

I don't like things where you have to, well, pick... thankfully, GW has received hers... so, here are mine, after much thought and hard decision making.

Lisa B.~ I love Lisa's journal. She's snappy, on point, and makes me laugh. Plus, she's one of mine, by which I mean, she's a Southern Gal. 'Nuff said. She's amazing to talk to, and has a way of making you feel as if you've always known her.

Sally Tomato~ I've met Sally a couple of times now, she's as droll in person as she is on paper, and that's a mean feat. Plus, she doesn't name drop. I like that.

Irish and Jew ~ Yes, I'm cheating, but, they are joined at the Blog. What can you say about them? They put it out there, sometimes to the point I think, what are they DOING? However, they stand by their guns when it comes down to the line. It's not just fluff and who's zooming who. Met them, like them... although meeting has nothing to do with the passing of the pink.

The Bee
~ Went under fire. Came out of it, and kept on going. Life's lessons learned.

ASC~ She's working hard to achieve her dreams, to get to New York, to grab that Tony. And, she'd better fucking remember to thank me when she does.

Honourable Mention to The Prince... because he makes me giggle...and I expect him to pay for the coffee in August... and to PrincessinaPea~Carry on, A, carry on!

So, there you have it... The Passing of the Pink.

Carry on, you Rockin' Bloggers. Go forth, journal your hearts away, and remember..... I'm reading, even if I'm 1000 miles away.


LisaBinDaCity said...

I am most honored and extremely flattered. I will wear my badge with pride!

Many thanks for the kind words :-)

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I'm an honorary rockin' girl!

Quin said...

prince~you were <>this close. if one of these women choses to drop out, you are next!

Andrea St. Clair said...

Thanks, Quin! :) This means a lot to me coming from you! xoxoxo many times over!

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