Monday, July 2, 2007

The Weekend

Saturday~ sleep until 2P, then a walk down to Fordham with the terrier. Some idiot rode his bicycle through a red light, causing a man on his motorcycle to have to lay the bike down and slide through the intersection.

The terrier and I were standing on the corner by the papaya shop, where they are still bragging about bringing back by popular demand either the full meat hot dog or the .50 hot dog.. I'm still not sure which it is...the idiot on the bicycle slams to a halt next to us, looks at the motorcycle lying in the street, cars honking their horns and people shouting and says,

"What happened?"

"Um, you ran a stop light and that guy almost killed himself missing you."

" sure?"

"Yes, you fuckwit. I'm sure."

"Damn. I am a fuckwit." And he took off.

The guy on the motorcycle was okay, no statement were taken, as his bike wasn't insured... I brought the terrier home and then went downtown to meet my friend C for dinner, pick up movie candy and we went to see 'Once' . Brilliant film, lovely film, a film of love and music and hope and... it's a film you should see. I'll leave it there. Then, there was.....oh, right.... more sleep.

Sometime during the day on Saturday, a notice from Gateway via my email that my battery is fubar'd, and to call in to have it replaced. Great, except most of the time, I can't start my computer because THE BATTERY IS FUBAR'D. Thanks for the email, though. The recording when I called offered to bypass the long wait on hold and log in at I would have done that, except THE BATTERY IS FUBAR'D and I can't log in. A new battery is currently on the way. I find if I plug in the system, and tilt it to the left.. I swear this is what I have to do... it works for a bit.


Oh, yes, and a date.

I. Had. A. Date.

With a very nice man who turned on his air conditioner even though the weather wasn't that hot because I love cold air...who let me nap because I was that tired....who had my favourite juice...who gave me a backpack to carry the laptop and all my assorted and sundry items so I wouldn't have to lug two bags around anymore... a funny man who continues to be a very dear and sweet and who allows me to give him a hard time about his Weather Man voice. Level, calming and deep.

Yes, Sunday was a good day.

Yes, I was home before ten.

Yes, I napped alone.

What, you were expecting something saucy?

Wrong journal.


Verminous Countenance said...

As a motorcyclist all I can say is, fucktard.

Quin said...

ohhhhhhh, that's a good name. wish i'd thought of it.

modelbehavior said...

I swear I'll get killed by a bike before a car. They are so f-ing hazardous!!! On the road but don't follow traffic signals! gaaa

Quin said...

i hate the ones on the sidewalk...

golfwidow said...

Your battery woes remind me of the notices that used to come over the loudspeaker in school: "Attention all teachers - please check the receivers on your classroom intercoms. If there any problems with them, please call the office."

Quin said...

or at&t~"we are the provider of your only phone line..if you have problems, call us"

Oob said...

Sorry to hear about the fubar'd battery. I love it when the person on the phone gives you grief about using their website too. Oh to be able to smack them...

Congrats on the date too! We're on fiyahhh! ;)

Corey's Mom said...

Your date sounds DIVINE. will you watch fireworks with him tomorrow?

Do you need more bags, crazylady? I almost married a guy (narrow escape) who works for a company that does promo stuff. Pens and bags galore. I can get you stuff if I'm willing to call him...

Do you have an address & a Need list for your Jarhead yet?

This saturday, i'm going into Ozone Park. Take the 4 to Fulton St and then the A to Rockaway Blvd. I'll be a crazy lady to make you proud... I found a cardboard box to be my camera - and I think I'll take off my shoes and socks to spray my poor tired feet with Bath & Body Works foot spray. My poor kid will have to deal; I want to read, and i want to sit ALONE.

Amber said...

Date Man sounds like he was utterly fantastic!!

Any possibility of future romance?

Keep us updated!