Thursday, July 26, 2007

There is No Title Today

I've struggled today.

Last night, I found out Delta hadn't posted my airmiles. They'd slung them into someone else's account, and after a week of my calling to see why I didn't have miles, 'Robert' told me, they were elsewhere.

During this midnight chat, I was frantic, my new shiny phone was on one bar of power. Verizon had topped up the phone when I was on Wall Street.. and suddenly, my charger here was seen as "unknown". Robert kept giving me rhetoric, I finally said, "Bob, my man.. stop saying you are sorry, fine.. just DO something."

While I was on hold.. the phone died.

That was straightened out today, along with a new charger cord... and 124 of my cell minutes. Oh! And Delta charged me $65 for booking a 'fast' frequent flier trip. I may argue that based on the shitty transfer.

Plus, my favourite payment is ahead... the charge to put the dog under my seat as paid luggage.

I'd sent my credit cards ahead. I don't have a pin number and if I did, the account has dust in it. My of an ex boss taunts me with emails, send her this, or a copy of that.. and she'll pay me. The next email says if I show up, she'll have me removed from the premises.

Yes, I've filed with the labor board. Yes, all my paperwork is letter perfect, I've the emails from her admitting she owes me everything, and that she's kept personal items that she swears she'll deliver.

Yes, in the end, the State of New York will sue her and I'll get my money.

I need it NOW.

I have a nice amount each month from my mighty corporate retirement fund, and, it's gone... rent, helping out a child or two... I counted on this usual cash to pay for things, and, remember, she'd not paid me for June. So, my budget was already a bit wobbly.

I realised when I fly out, I am schlepping out a HUGE suitcase, a carry on, the dogs case, the dog, and my computer bag. Two trains, the NJ Transit line... Bronx to Newark. Yeah.

Lots of other things, all written down in my YOU DON'T KNOW I'M HERE journal.

Life will be better tomorrow. There's some frozen hot dogs I found, and, I'm seeing some folk that make me laugh this evening.

So, in the end, I've a held reservation, a new phone cord, someone who is helping me move on Saturday, (thanks R!) I've washed my clothes by hand (Little House in the Projects), packed my things again, walked the dog twice, have a charged phone, found a cup of banana favourite... will nap, take a shower, and leave here soon to run an errand.

Tomorrow, it may stink again. If they don't pick up the trash, I know it will.


Andrea St. Clair said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you, sweetie. :) *big virtual hugs* xoxo

The Bee said...

I've had the SAME experience with American and/or United. It's such a bitch to deal with. I feel your pain!

LisaBinDaCity said...

Sending good juju your way! The GOOD news is that you are due for some great luck very soon. That's the universe's way of saying "sorry I tortured you." :-)

Quin said...

asc, bee, lisa~pink blogger things going your way, as soon as i figure them out.