Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good is...

  • the perfect email response to a letter I wrote. not the words of someone who makes promises left on the wayside, but, honest ones that mean a great deal.
  • having the sound of a text message being received waking you up, even if you did oversleep.
  • putting on a pair of jeans to go to the bank, to withdraw the last of your cash, and finding $20 in the pocket
  • finding out you are very much needed in the land of the Utes job. booya.
  • waking up to the sound of thunder in the early hours of the morning. sure, the storm makes moving through the air like swimming in a warm pool, still... the sound of thunder is a good thing to lie there and listen to as you drift back off to sleep.
  • knowing people are excited you are coming back to visit
  • a phone call from my wonderful sister in law last night
  • a phone call from an old friend
  • a call from C, who worries
  • all of those calls reminding me to be quiet, and listen
  • an email to interview as a Production Manager
  • a new phone awaits you picking it up on friday... and the word chocolate isn't attached to the name
  • you managed to fit all of your clothing into two big suitcases, reducing your trips to Brooklyn to store your things down to four trips (there is the rug and the woven wicker table) instead of six.
  • realising that you only have to take TWO trains to make said trips
  • a gathering on the 26th
  • I'm breathing....always good to not wake up and find the terrier munching on me. Good to wake up, period.
  • two Six Sentence shorts in a week.

Yep, it's all good.


golfwidow said...

You give me hope.

Now all I have to do is seek out the grouchketeers and tell them to stop peeing in my Cheerios.

Quin said...

okay, that just made me go "EW"