Monday, July 30, 2007

Today's Blather

1. I was reading a journal today, and the writer said she tracks posts. Why? I never bother, because well, A) I don't know how and B) it's just too big brotherish.

I don't want to know how many people read me or what their ISP is or where they are from. I've had a few nasty comments, and a few nasty emails. For some reason, people usually email me their snarky remarks.

I appreciate that, you 47 readers!

But, to trace anyone who logs on here? *shudder* To be honest, it makes me wonder.. who traces me? I tend to log in, and sometimes sit on a site for hours... I don't close out windows. I take the terrier out, take a nap.... I am unemployed right now... whatever. Am I being...watched?

2. I did a farewell walk around the 'hood.

I've had my fair share of smack talk about the Bronx. I need to be careful and aim that talk at my particular area... there are some amazing places in the Bronx I've found. Parks and churches and neighborhoods that are leafy, green, the architecture is crisp. It's my neighborhood that drives me to staying inside, and walking home with a straight back and a firm stride.

Generational dependence on the area's big employer, the Government, has driven many to stay as they are. When you are handed money with each child, you keep having children. I live in a building that is 85% subsidised. It's nasty, the tiles are broken, the garbage piles up in a rotting mass. I listen to fights in the courtyards and have spent more than one evening with a child next to me, sitting on the stairs, waiting for a parent to unlock the door after being out until midnight or later. Kids become what they see. I've heard arguments stop when I walk past.... and start up again when I move on. They don't do that for anyone else. I live in my Little Apartment in the Projects, and I stand out like a sore thumb. Middle class in every way.

I have so many good things I'll take from here, the pizza place and the kids in the building... the young couple moved away. Queens, I heard. There's a group of men who play dominos down the street, their table set up in the shade of the building, they call out, "Mamii... how are you?" when I walk by. We all nod very politely.

I'll not miss the .99 Store that LIES.

"That is $1.49."

"Your sign says everything is .99"

"Yes, well, that is $1.49."

I hate that.

I won't miss the loud cars at 3A. I won't miss the piles of trash, or the crack house across the street or the heavy heat of the flat at midnight.

I'll miss the roses in the garden two houses over.

3. The 4 train. I took it up here for the last time today, and.. and... I had a seat from downtown all the way home.

'nuff said.

4. House is cleaned, clothes packed, I had cookies from Jack's .99 store downtown for my birthday.

5. Had the interview, where I was one of 10 narrowed down from over 100. Fingers crossed.

6. Read the ending of Harry Potter. Shame on you, JK Rowling. I skimmed the last half, then read the ending. Twaddle, it was... twaddle.

Tomorrow, I move suitcases, computer bag and a dog to Penn Station, then on the train to Newark... then to Utah. I leave here at 1P and arrive in my old home at 4A.

August should be great fun.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

I hate how there's no "cents" key on the keyboard. What? WHAT?! Is this the freaking Dark Ages?!

Quin said...

you can buy one at jack's .99 store.

Anonymous said...

I would really hate to get to your age (old) and have no money, and have to resort to 99 cent stores and begging or haggling for free shit and hauling suitcases on subways like a crazy old baglady. How declasse. I am half your age and dont do that, I would only hope when I get to your age I will be very comfortable, retired... and (still) sane.

Quin said...

anon~declasse is not having the gumption to put your name on a snide, incorrect remark. thanks for dropping by, i've missed you so.

Anonymous said...

I know Quin, under her real name, and I've never posted here before, even though I read her every day, to see how one of my dearest friends is doing since she had the great courage to move to New York City on her own. Anon, I'm going to say what she is too nice to say, FUCK OFF. If Quin has a spare dime, she gives it away. She's there for each and every one of her friends. She's the one who will stop and ask a stranger if she can help them. You have no idea what or who this woman is, and your comments are, to be honest, out of order. You may be half her age, however, I doubt you have even a portion of her dignity, her great humour, her wit, her valour, her strength that has taken her through her life over the last ten years, and the last year in particular. So, yes, bugger off. I will now say, in very Quin like tones, it's nice to know you read her delightful blog (she hates that word!) every day.

Love you,

Over The Pond

golfwidow said...

What Pond said.

Also, pbbblt.

Quin said...

pond (whomever you are) & gw~ bless your cottons. i've no idea what that means, but, it always makes me feel good to say it.

pond, drop a line and fill me in, as it were.

Colleen said...

Hey quin,
aren't the smack-talking comments always anon?

are you going on vacay or moving? either way, i'm moving & going through the same thing right now, thinking about what i won't miss. i won't miss the dollar stores that lie, either!