Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jack's and What Does the Universe Want Now?

Cajunboy, bless him, directed me to Jack's in a blog a month or two ago.

Buddhaonabagel! What a place!

I went to the location he mentioned, on 40th and 5th... it was.....bliss. I was advised, however, that the location at 110 W 32nd St is three, count 'em, three full floors of .99ness. What I love the most is, they sell .99 cloth bags to haul your .99 goodies home. CozyShack pudding (which was much needed last night), turkey/cranberry/nut/dressing salad fixings, coffee, reading glasses, stuff you didn't know you needed.... it's all there. If you are tired and need a snack, Jack's has it for you to munch on, and you know how much it is? .99.

Oh, yeah.

It looks as if I'll be headed west for a month. I simply cannot see paying rent here for two weeks during August. SO, I'll mosey to the land of Utes (when I'm paid so I can AFFORD THE PLANE TICKET), settle there for the ten days of wedding festivities, drive out to L.A. to see D. and the lovely S, write a bit on the stuff I've been asked to write, then, drive back, park my little two seater Benz (you didn't know Quin had a little Benz, did you?) and hide the keys again before I fly back here.

My director, who has become another sister of my heart explained to me, things happen for a reason, and for all of this to occur at once, the Universe is slapping me, saying I'm supposed to be on the West Coast.

Now, if the Universe would drop me a telegram giving me the reason why, I'd appreciate it.

If anyone knows anyone who needs a rock solid, slightly OCD, comes with my own way of organising things, P.A., let me know.

I'm going to nap now... it's that time of day, and, being stressed, I ate most of the food I bought at Jack's yesterday. I'm not feeling so good....


Bud said...

Do I know anybody who has more going on in a single day than you? No, I do not. I hope your West coast swing is perfect in every way. I'll be gone for a month and check in when I get back.

Quin said...

i'll be in utah when you are back...canning.