Monday, October 1, 2007


Sometimes, it all goes bad.

Sometimes, we read what we want to see in a letter.

Sometimes, we hear, but, do not listen.

Sometimes, the sterling gift we think the universe gave us turns out to be tinsel.

Sometimes, no one will accept culpability for words said, written, implied.

Sometimes, the refusal to say a lie was a lie leaves it a truth, and that hurts more.

Sometimes, the cacophony of silence deafens you.

Sometimes, the dearth of words on a page overwhelms you.

Sometimes, the rush of letters in sentences means nothing in their anger.

Sometimes, the hole in your chest is so huge, you can't move.

Sometimes, you don't know what to believe, words or your intuition.

Sometimes, sometimes... you wish you'd never said 'hello'.


Actress Andrea said...

Wow. Quin, this is just...inspiring.

I feel each of those emotions almost every day, but I couldn't put it as eloquently as you did.

thank you.


Peter Varvel said...

Quin, I have felt these emotions, too, almost every time I moved, especially when I moved alone.
"It can't always rain."

Loobell said...

Some people walk in the rain .. others just get wet...
Sometimes we need to feel pain and anguish to know we are still alive. All of this helps us to grow emotionally.. we still grow until the end of our days. It's just sometimes hard to see when we are wading through the C%*p. Most of us have to do that from time to time
Things will get better.
Much love LLBx

golfwidow said...

Been there, lowered help me. I can't stand that hole in the chest feeling.

Quin said...


peter~we must marry

loo~i'm hoping

gw~it sucks, as it were, don't it?

Rebekah said...

ah, shit.

i'm sorry honey.

Quin said...

hey, it's okay. sorry is the hardest word, and i've said mine.