Monday, October 29, 2007

This Week's Journal Favourite

I like to read journals of those people I've found (and continue to find) online that have become part of my day.

I've had the great good fortune to meet some of these folk... you know who you are...and some have connected via phone and emails. I only wish I were clever enough to make up a little badge to pass out to those in my world that make me happy.

Instead, because I'm part of the collective "i was here" (thank you, he who is not named because I don't want ever again to get those nasty emails from odd people).... I present the:

F M D Journal Favourite of the Week!!!

(or when I remember to post it) (cue the music and confetti)

This week, it's Peter of Plastic Bubble World.

He has a way with words that quite simply make me make the strangest sounds that pass for laughter in the world.

Take this gem, stolen from his current post on dancing in the disco era,

"Debbie was friendly enough, but she was not the kind of girl that boys asked to dance. Her mother was the lunch room monitor, but that was among the least of her social worries. There were several hard-to-articulate reasons why Debbie did not get asked to dance. Sometimes, while dancing, Debbie would drop to the floor, squatting briefly in a frog-like position. I'm not sure if she had seen that move somewhere, or if she just came up with it on her own. "

I started to make this gollum sound in my throat on the lunch room monitor portion. By the time I reached the frog squat, I had a hiccup kind of a squelch laugh going.

So, go read. Please.


Peter Varvel said...

I am honored and flattered--and so undeserving, I feel, especially among this specific grouping of such intelligent and witty writers!

Thank you, Quin, truly, thoroughly, and absolutely!

golfwidow said...

Peter is such my boyfriend.

Quin said...


she tagged him first.

Peter Varvel said...

Don't forget my not minding sloppy seconds . . . wait. I guess it doesn't work, the other way around.

You are all my Goddesses, and Pricesses of Power. I am on my knees for you . . . for different reasons than what I usually am . . .

Anonymous said...

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