Friday, October 5, 2007

We Interrupt This Post

Who knew?

I've bemoaned a number of things, among them my lack of a television, since my move back to New York.

I am a television junkie. Yes, I was one of those kids who was glued to the set from the start of fuzzy movements at 5AM until the flag waved at 1AM on the weekends. I watched the soaps, especially Days of Our Lives, with my mother and grandmother.... later with my children... until this year, I've missed four episodes of ER, and sobbed uncontrollably when Dr. Green died.

I taped the last episodes of China Beach and St. Elsewhere. Why? I. Don't. Know. I don't have a TV much less a VCR.

I was on Donahue as a guest. I am the ultimate T.V. viewer.

I'm bereft that I am without right now, and I read myself to sleep earlier now than I used to do.

Until R told me to "...just go to the network pages and download." Doh.

She didn't add the doh. That was unspoken. And, to be honest, she's too kind. Self added the doh.

Last night, I spent hours catching up. The Office.. Earl.... 30 Rock.... Of course, I can't get House or Dexter or Weeds... but, I'm going to figure that out, too. Somewhere, someone has ille.. has downloads available.

And, I'll find them.

(insert evil laugh here)


golfwidow said...

A roundup of where you can find previously aired shows online.

Quin said...

you had me at roundup

Bud said...

And in this one respect, we are complete opposites. I never watch TV unless it's a DVD.

Peter Varvel said...

Oh, but Quin! I am able to get so much more writing and reading done without a T.V. in the house!

Be brave, and don't let the withdrawal symptoms get you down, between online fixes.

R said...

I thought I told you that you can get the FOX ones on Myspace... that was the first place I watched.

Let me know how Joost works for you, too.

and no "d'oh!" from me. I would just like to know what you did to get onto Donahue!!

Quin said...

well, i have the vhs tape.

Mrs. S. said...

...just when I thought you'd been rejoicing in doing more writing...funny about that time thing! You need a microwave more than a TV!!!
PS APPLES ARE DONE & PUT AWAY! whew; wasn't the same without the peeler! ;-)

Actress Andrea said...

Yeah, inquiring minds want to know" Donahue!? How? For what!? How cool!!!