Sunday, December 14, 2008

16 MeMe's

Golfwidow tagged me. I'm not tagging anyone back, though. If you want to pretend I tagged you and do this thing, have at it.

1. I don't like my food to touch

2. I kept my kids from knowing about santa until they were 10 or so.

3. I talk to the television.

4. I have no wrinkles on the top of my left middle finger knuckle, I've chewed/rubbed them off stimming.

5. I hate cars and driving.

6. I jump into bed so my feet won'tl be near the dark place underneath as I get in.

7. I can ride beautifully... dressage or jumping.

8. I am not usually fond of children.

9. I started reading at 4.

10. I have done acid, mesc, mushrooms and peyote when I was in high school.

11. I knit to calm myself.

12. There was a time I didn't really leave my house for almost four years.

13. I am not afraid of death.

14. I can't figure out why they advertise drugs to promote male erections, then tell you if you get one for a long time, run to the ER

15. Sports scare me.

16. I suck at budgeting.