Saturday, December 20, 2008

LA Is A Great Big Place

I've perfected the "This is MY highway!" look.

It is the look you have to have driving in California, especially LA, as I've mentioned before. I came in yesterday from the Land O'Utes to visit the Brother and SIL. I make no bones about the fact I adore each of them, along with the three dogs who sit at your feet when they aren't staring at you.

I made decent time until Las Vegas, where I was tied up in traffic for 90 minutes.... I'm still not sure why as I didn't see the kind of carnage you'd expect to see to have that kind of traffic jam. Driving 90mph helped make up a bit of time, and it was shocking to see snow in Vegas and out in the desert.

I'm boring as hell here, having gone to Costco (HURRAH!!!) and this enomorous liquor store. To get into the Brother's jeep, I have to put one leg in then hold onto the seat to lever myself into the what seems to be 3 feet off the ground interior. He finds this amusing. I'm glad one of us does.... and, he'd better start remembering I was born first and let him live, so, he kinda owes me loyalty.

Tomorrow is green chili day, and a play that I'll see with Peter of Plastic Bubble World, so, I'm very happy to hae that coming up.

Mostly I rest, I'm dead tired and can't get enough sleep it seems....

I move out of my house next week, and have no idea where I'll be living.... this should be interesting. I do know there is a trip to see Loo in the UK again in January after my tests, and a trip back to New York to help finish the film I started my career as a script supervisor on.. Kim invited me to work on it as a Producer, and I'm thrilled to death to go back, to work, and to see her.

The future looks very bright, indeed.


Cormac Brown said...

The future will even be brighter if you get your Maalox and Pepto before tomorrow ; )

Watch that heavy right foot once you get east of Riverside, you can't drive LA-style in other states, or you'll rack up too many points on your license.

Bud said...

Been trying to catch up around here. As usual. Congrats on the sale of your house. Hope you decide on the perfect place for yourself. I have to go run over a chicken for dinner now.

quin browne said...

cb~i give them your name.

bud~make sure you drive a vw!

austere said...

Well you sound California-ish all right!

vinny said...

I can never get enough sleep neither.. it's good for the soul =)

Bill From Gainesville said...

Future so bright, you have to wear sunglasses at NIGHT!

Peter Varvel said...

Dude. Gotta wear shades, fer sure.
Thank you for the lovely gift of the talisman/ornament!
Oh. And for giving me black eyes.

coastrat said...

Glad you made it to LA ok. I made it to Durham in 14 hours; arrived at midnight; safe and very tired. Sounds like you have a busy January coming. Hope you enjoy LA!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Best of luck QB.