Saturday, December 13, 2008

Six of One

I don't understand people.

When you say to them, as advice, "Do not seek snakes to bite you, because you will find them every time."-- and they seek them anyway. I see the evidence the search was made, the snake was found, and I am sorrowful the person was hurt.


If they had not gone hunting, delving into my life, if they had not been part of hurting me to begin with... they'd not have been harmed. If they had stopped after the first time, if they'd left well enough alone. Why drag me back into things I wanted no part of, then, go Googling and digging and reading here and there for information they knew would be painful to read? Hiding behind IP blockers (which do not hide other tell tale areas that divulge who you are) to dig around in my life. Things I wrote in innocence long ago, and do not feel I should have to delete?

There is not right nor wrong, but, decisions and consequences for those decisions. You can blame one but yourself for what occurs, when you are advised, and you move forward in full awareness you are looking for that snake.

In the end, who is the one wronged?


golfwidow said...

I bet these are the same types of people who touch the plate at the restaurant AFTER the server says, "Careful - that plate is hot."

pookiegroupie said...

You're kidding.

My future victim's still at it?

I've got a big glass ashtray. ;) Deal with it.

inflammatory writ said...

Ha. I had the same thing happen to me with my blog.

People got hurt, but again, they went looking for something they did not want to find.