Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Craigslist...You Bastard

I believed in your lies...your luring words...your...your...links.

Actually, it came down to waiting another hour as these two nice men dashed about tying up the ends of their purchase of a lifetime, or spending that time with my Jarhead.

Jarhead won.

Apartments come and go.... blue-eyed boys are far more important.

I got up, left a message on the machine, and took the 'A' to the loft.... he was there, with dogs piled on him, patiently waiting, wanting me to live somewhere safe.

We locked up the place, and strolled down Broadway... I bought him street food, and myself a cheap umbrella.

"Why do you need that? It's not going to rain."

Two minutes later, the skies opened, and I let his Marine ass walk in the downpour while I serenely walked to the 6 under my cheap Chinatown purchase.

There will be other chances... but, only one Jarhead.

It was a good decision to leave... one I don't regret.

And, today? Today, I discovered Sunnyside....

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