Sunday, June 10, 2007

He's Here

Two hours on the local, I'm on one side of the 2 platform at 11P, scanning everywhere.... I'd dashed out of the downtown train, after being stuck on a platform at 149th in the bowels of the earth, the terrier's heart racing as fast as the rats who were dashing everywhere.

People sat with their feet up, she was in full ratter mode, ears forward, tail up... her hair on her back in a raised ridge... if I set her down, she strained at the leash to go after them.

Finally, the train came in.. and made


Why, oh, why didn't I take the D from Yankee Stadium??

I ran off the train, past this young man on the platform, down the stairs, through the tunnel, leaping over a homeless guy sleeping there, over to the uptown platform, where I told him to meet me.

Scanning, looking... and on the downtown side, was the young man I'd ran past.

"Um, Mom?"

He hiked up his two bags, trudged over, and there he was, LCPL Jarhead.

We rode the 2, caught the D, switched to the 4, and were home by midnight.... talked until 2A... today was to be an up by 9 and do NYC thing.

I'm watching him sleep as I type.

On the train, as he stood there with his packs, a man around his age asked, "Coming back?"

"No, on leave before I go over."

A pause. He looked at me, then back to my son, then away...

"Thanks, man. It's shit, but...thanks for what you are doing." He stepped off when the doors opened.

The Jarhead shrugged. "People say that to me. It's weird."

As we walk home to my 'hood, he comments, "Great neighborhood, Mom... when can you move. I need to get you a tasar."

A few guys start to step up into our path, see who is with me, the walk, the cami bags, his bearing, his stare... they back up. A car slows down, full of young guys... I'm waiting for a situation and the driver says, "Yo... go Marines!"

Odd how it happens.

He shows me his new ink. Oy!

I woke up early, and came out here.... and let him sleep. In a few weeks, he won't have that luxury any more.

We'll leave eventually. Until then, I sit and type and look at my gifts..... all of them.


Oob said...

Hope you two have a great visit!

Quin said...

oob~so far, so good... went to the brass monkey, had a long lunch, met the film crew, i'm savouring every second with him.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Have an awesome time - and good luck finding the tasar ;-)

golfwidow said...

Swell. I didn't overhear anything worth sending in to until I got home from New York. The taser line is priceless.

Quin said...

after the walk home last night, weaving our way though enthusiastic left over celebrants of the parades who were walking (?) down the street...he upgraded me to a gun with large bullets.

very large bullets.