Friday, June 8, 2007


In 24 hours, he's here.

My Jarhead will be here... and we'll do all the things he wants to do. Well, not all of them, because I'm his mom and he wants some time with a buddy who is driving him up here... but, during the day, he's mine.

For three days, he's mine. We'll go see Times Square first (I'm using Oob's ideas) and play tourist, and laugh and argue, I'll cry a bunch... for three days, I'll drink in my fill of my blue eyed boy. He'll walk with his arm around my shoulder in public, 'cause he loves his momma, and doesn't care who knows. He doesn't wear his uniform...the Marines suggest that Marines don't wear them in public, even to fly, unless they are attached to a ship, or on special duty. They are targeted more than the other branches. Still... you can tell by his bearing... he's a Marine.

For three days.

He'll fly to his dad's house, and visit his siblings, TheSlumlord, MissH, HRH will fly in... he'll miss out on TheInvestment, who is on his first grownup job.

Then, he goes back and does the war thing.

But, for three days....he's mine.

So, if you see a woman with dark curly hair with a white streak in the front, red sunglasses, and a good looking blonde, blue eyed man young enough to be her son walking around, with her smiling a huge smile this next few days...

That's me and my boy.

Say hello....


golfwidow said...

Hope we DO see you, but if we don't, we'll see you next time.

Quin said...

gw~he's not in until AFTER our gathering....


LisaBinDaCity said...

How cool is that! Enjoy every minute!!!