Monday, June 25, 2007

Today, I Shall....

  1. Stop nosebleed.
  2. Take shower
  3. Dress
  4. Take two trains to look at overpriced room in Greenpoint
  5. Try not to sob when I fall in love with said room, and don't want to pay the money, but, hell, it's in a nice area
  6. Go to work
  7. Buy the last of my supplies
  8. Go over script one more time
  9. Hyperventilate
  10. Go to bed
  11. Hyperventilate one more time
  12. Wonder if I got the room
  13. Stop listening to Falling Slowly from Once
  14. Listen to Falling Slowly from Once, once again
  15. With luck, go to sleep

It's a good life.


golfwidow said...

You forgot "be crazy New York person on the trains that people back away from."

Unless you don't want to do that.

But damn, I want to do that someday.

Amber said...

Decisions, decisions!

But I would seriously do them in the order that you wrote. With the exception of the whole "hyperventilate" and "hyperventilate one more time" thing. Breathing is usually conducive to, well, you know... living? :)

New York may be different, but most people around here tend to not want you as a Roommate if your face/nose area is covered in blood and you smell. Just sayin'...

(Good luck with the hunt!)

(Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Am still giggling over your comment).

Prince Gomolvilas said...

No. No. You have to get that "if you want me/satisfy me" song on your iPod and sing it out loud while walking down the sidewalk.

Quin said...

the biggest regret on the crazy lady on the train thing...

i didn't make a dime. dil to be...