Monday, June 25, 2007

Today, Part 2

1. Nosebleed stopped...after an hour. It's a bleeding disorder.
2. Showered, and looked cute as anything...well, for a mature woman.
3. Room I was shown SUCKED ROCKS.
4. Room I loved, $1800. No, and no again.
5. Hooked on Falling Softly from Once. Cry alot.
6. Have old job back.
7. Film tomorrow.
8. Still hyperventilating due to 7.

More to come.


golfwidow said...

The Mom and I do nosebleeds too. Also my brother and my uncle. HHT.

Which job do you have back? The OLD old one?

Quin said...

the assistant one.


we're used to each other.

and the dogs love me.

i have von willebrands...sounds like a kind of hot dog, doesn't it?

guestofaguest said...

so, did you get it?

Andrea St. Clair said...

Breathe. :)


Your son...The cool one. said...

A lot is two words boon.

Amber said...

Are you KIDDING me?!

$1800 for one ROOM??

You can rent a four bedroom, two bath, two car garage, with a huge lawn and the words for that much around here...

I hope you find a place that you adore AND is more appropriately priced, soon!

Glad the nosebleed finally stopped!

Are you a film writer? How glamorous is that!!

Get a paper bag and some Valium for the hyperventilating. Or I could sing to you? "Everythinggggggg's gonna be allllll rightttt, rockabye!"

Err, something.

Okay, I'll stop now.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow! :)

Quin said...

guest~no, i didn't

andrea~you, too, have this to deal with

investment~thanks, sweetie.

amber~i lived in colorado for a gazillion years, i know

i have a home in utah, i know..this guy is asking east village prices for brooklyn rooms. ratfaced bastard!

i'm a script supervisor...thus the hyperventilation.

marry one of my sons.

Verminous Countenance said...

LOL, I love your responses hon. I hope that today went well on the set. I expect advance notice of the release so I can tout it on my blog.

Todd said...

It took a while for me to stop freaking out over NYC prices. I still have mini-strokes when we pay our rent.

Amber said...

Hmm... got a husky-ish one with a strong spine and a soft heart?

Send him my way! Southern guys are the best :). And since I already have oodles of respect for his mother... hey, it could work!

Quin said...

amber~yes, i do.

modelbehavior said...

Still apartment searching? Sigh. New York is impossible.

Quin said...

i think i've something in sunnyside.. a friend of mine is leaving their flat in september.. a new baby doesn't work in a small place.

hurray for them and me.

otherwise, it's 145th and st nick.