Friday, February 8, 2008

Blog of the Week

What is she like?

I've been reading Bee for almost a year, I think. I can't remember how it started, a link from someone, we started commenting on each other's blogs.. she was this in your face twentysomthing, brash, fresh, no holds barred in sharing her life....bright, in the know, willing to be who she was, and take the flack for just that.

Times, I'd think, "Oh, Bee, what are you doing?"

There were harsh times.... she's stumbled, curled up and licked her wounds, then picked herself back up, and was out there again, head high.

She doesn't retreat from anyone or anything, no matter who they were. She puts out there how she feels, be it love, like, hate, lust... some of her poetry makes me have to take a cold shower.

Some of her quotes, I've used.... I won't say here the results they've brought. *cough*

I've continued to read her, and comment on her blog, and she reads me...doing the same. We have each other's 'back'. Emails are exchanged on occasion, when things go beyond public knowledge, you can trust she'll keep it close. I like her, even if I still sometimes think, "Oh, Bee!" and sit in wonder at how she goes at life full throttle, so aware, so vulnerable, so....Bee.

"Float," I tell her, "Float." She isn't a floater, she is a marathon swimmer.

I'm not sure if it's shock, laughter, admiration.... or a combination of all three. I know I worry about her, am concerned when she shuts things down, was pleased when her parents came back so she had that base closer, laugh at some of her antics, am angry for her, thrilled over her newfound happiness, want to shake her sometimes, hug her at others, and smack some people for making her cry.

She does what a good writer should do... she engages you.

Her blog has opened a huge door for her... she's been made Editor in Chief of collegeOTR, which is very, very cool (yes, I'm not using the right slang for the times, but, hey, I'm not good at it, and the times, so, work with it)

So, my Blog of the Week is my sweet potata, Bee.



Alone on the Isle said...

I agree with you -- it is not always pretty, but she is one hell of a writer, and knows how to express herself -- knowing there are people out there like the two of you inspire me to keep plugging away, regardless of how childish my ramblings may be.

austere said...

Congratulations and all the best to Bee.
Unusual, her blog is.

The UnaDater said...

I love Bee... she was the number one blogger that has inspired me to start my very own horrible nasty bad taste blog!

God Bless Her....

Bud said...

Yup, she's cool. I'll visit her again.