Saturday, February 23, 2008

Olds 88

My Olds 88

From The Widow

8 Things I Am Passionate About

  • my children(the photo is only of three of them)
  • cooking for people I love
  • writing
  • reading
  • theater/film (from the beginning of production to end product)
  • England
  • the people I love
  • observing life

8 Things I Want to do Before I Die

  • live in London
  • learn to fly an airplane
  • have holidays with my children
  • go to New Zealand
  • give a year to an organization to work with the poor
  • not be in debt
  • be beloved
  • find peace in myself

8 Things I Say Often

  • fuck me dead (and bugger me backwards)
  • let's run around naked with our clothes off (or variations)
  • Jack
  • jesus, mary and joseph (do you get the feeling I curse a lot?)
  • Have you seen my glasses?
  • I'm sorry, which train do I take?
  • I love you/Love you baby you'll be

8 Books I've Recently Read (some are re-reads)
  • London: A Biography (Peter Ackroyd)
  • No Country for Old Men (Cormac McCarthy)
  • John Adams (David McCullough)
  • Collected Works of Shakespeare (still working on that one)
  • In a Dark, Dark House (Neil LaBute)
  • Labybrith (K. Mosse)
  • various scripts (they count)
  • Twlight (S. Meyer)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

  • they are creative
  • they are always very intelligent, so, I hope that will rub off on me
  • they show their souls in their eyes
  • they are kind
  • they are as odd as I am
  • they don't judge me
  • they don't try to get in
  • they always have the most amazing laughs and smiles, even those I first meet online, turn out that way.

No official tagging....

Still, I'd like to see Austere, Peter, WeatherGuy (sorry, I don't link his site...he'd better post them here), Amber, MisterH, Greg, TR and the Dramatic One.

Our Neville Fact:

Our Margaret was once a contestant for Miss United Kingdom. She was forced to drop out when her mother forbid her to shave above her knees, thus removing her from the swimsuit competition. The family genes gave her thick hair, and not just on her head.


TheInvestment said...

Do you have a less flattering picture of me? I'm sure there's one somewhere. I'm making the unwanted ones look bad. We really do need a new picture of us kids. One with less French Toast in my face.

constant drama said...

Oh woe, I would actually need to think about this. Will get to it....eventually....

lisa (still holding out for Johnny to win) Nance said...

I love the picture in christmas wrapping hanging on the wall. Oh, the kids look good too.

The UnaDater said...

great books you have read!

austere said...

Congrats on your film aka No country.. having won! So many!

In some, in some, got to think.

Oob said...

*poking her head it* Hey you. Just had to say hello again. Hope you're well. And ps - current obsession = Glen Hansard. Rent the movie "Once" if you haven't already! {hugs}

Quin Browne said...

a~i await your answers!

oob!! ((hugs back))i have, saw it back in june, it's why i'm so in love with the song!

Bud said...

Damn, I've missed too much to comment on everything. You're always highly entertaining.

Bridget said...

Welcome me.

You may now expect my occasional pop in.

Anonymous said...

You know I've always wondered about that "no shaving above the knees" thingy. My mother told me the same thing. My daughter shaves her entire leg(s) and I told her not to. When she asked me, "why?" - I told her - "because my mother said you're not supposed to" - but what IS that thing?
Also, I was told by my mother "never pluck the hairs on the top of your eyebrows, only the ones underneath" - I guess it follows the same illogical logic.
Caroline Wells