Thursday, February 14, 2008

WeatherGuy Tagged Me

He doesn't do stuff like that.

Therefore, I felt I had no choice but to comply.

His post was as follows: (I've commented on some of his comments)

a. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
b. Tag seven people to do the same.
c. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".
d. even if I tag you, you don't gotta do it, but I'll be curious to see your answers!


  1. I almost never wear a watch, despite owning 3 working wristwatches and a pocketwatch. The only exceptions to this are when I go onsite to a client and when I'm "dressing up"
  2. My default snack when I feel snackish is cheese, and my preferred cheese is comté (yum!)
  3. Guilty pleasures, guilty pleasures. Mine is the Seven-Layer Burrito from Taco Bell
  4. I buy most of my clothing (indeed, most of everything) at Costco. (ohhhh, the 'C' word!)
  5. The scents that I like best are bread baking and new-cut grass. But I also like the smell of gasoline and the rubber in a tire store. (okay, I'm with him there)
  6. One of my favourite things to listen to at work is the soundtrack to Riven. Yes, that's awfully geeky.
  7. I am absolutely horrible at guesstimating distances. If I tell you something is no more than a mile walk, you'd best pack a waterbottle and a lunch. (this is true...he is terrible at distance guessing)

Here are my seven...and I'm not sure I'll tag seven people. I'll just bore you with my bits, some I may not have mentioned before, and let you wonder how on earth that nice man puts up with me:

1. I have great spatial sense...I can usually center pictures on a wall without measuring or center anything on a shelf. I can look at leftovers, and know what size tupperwear to grab, etc.
2. I find great pleasure in lying out under a beautiful clear night sky and watching the stars,
especially Orion. This can make me cry.
3. My guilty food pleasure is either a burrito from Chipolte's or a banana and mayo sandwich or rice pudding.
4. I love to inhale that space between the neck and shoulder of someone I am with.
5. I never go anywhere without my watch on my wrist. I can't imagine doing that, ever.
6. There are entire villages of people I want to write about in my head.
7. There are times I am afraid I will never be kissed with passion again in my life.

There you go.

I'd like to know yours... save me the tagging, and tell.



Rebekah said...

Only because you and WG asked.

1. I'd love to quit my job and be a professional reader.
2. Know how you scream FMD at the sign of a dollar store? I get just as excited over a Clearance sign.
3. I'll trust anyone until s/he does me wrong.
4. I thank my mom every day for teaching me to read.
5. I'd be 20 lbs lighter if not for fresh bread.
6. And cheese. Trader Joe's has truffle cheese and I don't mean chocolate...
7. You're the only person I know - besides me - who's named a laptop. I also named my new computer at work, my car, our tricycle and the helmet. And my friend Lu's laptop. (She named my camera. My mom named my other computer.

I have dinner plans; gotta go. Love you madly.

Dan said...

1. My single most prized possession is my bath robe. It is incredibly soft and I'd wear it to work if I was allowed.
2. I get moody at night, especially if I'm alone. The best cure I've found: a good movie and somebody to watch it with.
3. My baby brother died when I was two; his name was Johny. He was just a few months old, and he had never been healthy. My mom doesn't talk about it.
4. I am compulsively unable to litter. If a bottle drops out the passenger side door of my car, I'll drive away and turn around two miles later to pick it up.
5. I am a singularly bad dancer. It goes beyond mere ineptitude; I actually have a misguided talent like a devil on my shoulder.
6. I desperately want to be a good singer. I'm a piano player and a drummer, and I know how to harmonize and do fills, but my voice just... oh well.
7. I had cancer when I was a baby. A tumor the size of a golf ball next to my heart. Sequence of events: Doctor took x-ray, found tumor; parents prayed over it; doctor took x-ray just before surgery, and tumor had mysteriously disappeared.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm working on it, might not get it done before dinner, though.

Writeprocrastinator said...


GolfWidow said...

1. I've already done this thing so many times I'm not going to bother posting it, either on my blog or in your comments. If you'd really like me to, I can look up all the instances of it and send you the links, but it would take a while.
2. I watch Bobby Flay's Throwdown, but only for the satisfaction I get when he loses.
3. I only like the fries from McDonald's if they're fresh and hot. Once they start cooling down, I'm pretty much done with them, so when I get my meal, I throw a few onto my sandwich, continue to eat them from the container till they start to get cool, then give the balance to whomever I'm with. You don't have to supersize when you're having Mickeydee's with me - you're automatically getting extra fries.
4 I have an inflatable blowfish that was given to me as a gag gift. I named him Fugu.
5. I have about twenty different US cities I want to visit solely on the basis of having heard of a good barbecue restaurant there.

That's all you get.

(my email from golfwidow)

Peter Varvel said...

1. I always carry a blue Bic pen in my pocket. Always. My sister makes fun of me for this.
2. I no longer star gaze(here in smoggy L.A,), not after being able to really see them in the mountains or out at sea.
3. I will conveniently use frustration or any negative feeling as justification for indulging in chocolate or any rich dessert.
4. I let my dogs lick me in the mouth, even though it disgusts almost everyone I know, including Domestic Partner.
5. I sometimes make myself cry while riding my scooter by singing songs from "Miss Saigon."
6. I tell the same jokes and stories over and over, so I have to keep changing jobs in order to have a fresh audience who isn't tired of me yet.
7. I used to keep lunchbags of non-perishable food items in my car, and hand them out to homeless people holding cardboard signs, before I started riding my scooter regularly.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I watch Bobby Flay's Throwdown, but only for the satisfaction I get when he loses."

Golf Widow, my opinion of you just went up one hundred fold.

Oldenoughtoknowbetter said...

1.Perpetually sad
2.Chronically tired.
3.Diet Rock Star for breakfast.
4.Always amazed by New York City, no matter how long I've lived here.
5.Would crawl down the Coney Island boardwalk for my children.
6.Great hair (thanks Sweeney Todd!)
7.Favorite food is sushi, real, wonderful sushi.

Madame Goodrich said...

1.I am ridiculously observant.
2.I bite my nails when I get deep into writing.
3. I am really good at throwing tarot cards.
4.One of my nicknames is KimiJuke because I know the words to an insane amount of songs.
5.I have double dimples in one cheek that warranted the nickname cereal bowls.
6.I wear aprons, all of the time, if I am doing anything in my house. I have a collection of aprons.
7.I was captain of cheerleading, and dove off of springboards competitively, becoming coach and a lifeguard.

Quin Browne said...

the things i now know.

oh, yes (rubbing hands together) the things i now know.

Bud said...

This scares me, Quin. I may get back to it later.

modelbehavior said...

Chiptole - hands down best guilty pleasure (not to mention hangover) food of all time.

Bob Clay said...

1. I think the motorcycle is the greatest invention of all time. I think the human species sole purpose was to make it.

2. I watch Orion too, but in honesty I'm waiting for Betelgeuse (red giant, top left star) to go supernova. Hoping it will happen in my lifetime (unlikely) as this will be one hell of a show.

3. I like those days when you can wander about in teashirt and shorts. (Saves a lot of washing).

4. Next to motorcycles is beer, alas the two don't mix well.

5. I'll never know all there is to know about science, (let alone understand it) this makes me sad :(

6. Food is just fuel to me. They put it in front of me, I eat it. (that's what 21 years at sea does for you).

7. I intend to live to 100, but am definately getting the impression my body doesn't go along with this.

Triple M said...

1. I still sleep with my teddy bear. His name is SnoBear, and he has travelled throughout Europe, Hawaii, California, NYC, Las Vegas, all across Canada and even into the wilderness of Algonquin Park with me.

2. I have been dying my hair since I was 11 years old.

3. I am really excellent at moving. Some would say "freakishly organized." Incredibly detailed labels on meticulously sorted boxes, color-coded and such.

4. I have a really poor sense of direction. Many will vouch for this. If I have a strong feeling we should go this way, go in the direct opposite direction and you'll likely end up where we want to be.

5. As a child I could spend 6-10 hours a day in the pacific ocean, pretending to be The Little Mermaid. (If given the opportunity, I'm pretty sure I could do the same these days...)

6. My favorite "guilty pleasure food" is pizza. I once spent an entire year eating pretty much nothing but pizza. The delivery guy knew me by name.

7. I nurse my hangovers with poutine (that's french fries, gravy & cheese) and a pint of beer.

Maddy Madison said...

Yeah, Chipotle's pretty good, I hate to admit. And, yes, you are definitely going with the wrong cartoon character. I hear Hello Kitty is a fetish for some guys. Kidding (ish).

Loobell said...

1.I have a great memory for colours. My friends will show me a piece of clothing they want to match before we go out shopping if they want to match tone or blend with it. It saves them carrying it around the shops with us. I am rarely wrong.

2. I make possibly the best mince pies in the world. Usually I will make in excess of 300 every Christmas time, using home made pastry and mincmeat. I ship (by request)to friends all over the globe. I had several complaints this year as I didn't make many because of moving house.

3. I have two very real phobias. One is about vomit. Both other people's or even the idea of throwing up myself. I could never ever be bulimic and I am very careful about what alcohol I drink or foods I eat. I don't even feel comfortable talking about it....... I am also phobic about ladders so much so that I can freeze in terror on the first or second rung of a ladder. I will do anything to avoid climbing them. I break into a cold sweat at the thought of having to go into the attic (note Quin) dispite my fiance putting me in a special loft ladder.

4.I have a terrible sense of direction. I can get lost going anywhere for the first time even with a map.....Yet if I have been somewhere even once many years ago, provided I was in control of driving/cycling/ walking I can always find my way back again.

5. I get great 'mind pictures' sometimes I will laugh out loud for no reason, because I envisage something that is funny. Unfortunately this can be in very innappropriate situations. But thankfully I have a very infectious laugh or so I am told. I do love to laugh, I think that is what keeps me going in life.

6. I have a secret fetish for men wearing hard hats. Particularly white ones.. no Idea why.. (not so secret any more *blush*) Give me a man in a hard had and it is as exciting for me as the C word is for Quin.

7. My guilty pleasure in life is spending money on fine underwear. No matter what I am wearing on the outside, a scuzzy leisure suit or jeans and a sweatshirt.I ALWAYS match underneath and I ALWAYS wear beautiful pretty sets. I don't believe in saving such things for 'best' and my underwear collection is probably the most expensive part of my entire wardrobe.

Amber said...

Okay... I'm doing this because you asked. See how much I *heart* you? I'm really having to think about this one.

1) The lines on my socks have to be perfectly even across my toes. If they are not, and get twisted, it doesn't matter where I am at. I will sit down, lean against a wall, etc. to take my shoe off and fix my sock. I would also buy a new pair of socks for every day of the year if I could. I love how soft and... unused, they feel against my feet.

2) I'm freakishly detailed and organized about everything - from my closet, to my desk at work, to bills, etc.

3) I am in love with dusty bookstores and libraries. I love reading EVERYTHING, but my guilty pleasure is historical romance novels.

4) I LOVE food. But I am choosy about what I eat because I'm a fluffy girl and even though I preach, "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful" - I think you have to be comfortable and happy with yourself. I can't resist Chicken Enchiladas with green chile or seafood, though.

5) I cry at Hallmark and Kodak commercials. I also like commercials more than most of the crap on tv and judge them on an individual basis.

6) On the surface, I'm a fairly confident, mature, feminine, "modern" woman. But secretly, I long for the days when "cherished" was regularly used and practiced in relationships. I think it's charming, even if I get a little embarassed, when a man holds a door open or does something "old-fashioned." I'm a total romantic at heart so those small things matter to me and I'd really like to find a guy who wants to sweep me off my feet every day (I would do my best to melt his heart every day, too).

7) I worry about my loved ones constantly - whether they are friends or family - and I've started to recognize that sometimes you can be TOO close to somebody. Hence why, as hard as it is, I've started putting some distance and cutting apron strings with those I hold closest to my heart. It's painful sometimes, but it also needs to be done.

So there you have it. I'm an OCD, old-fashioned romantic, with a deep rooted sense of responsibility toward everyone in my life, with a penchant toward "geekiness" as I'm also a total bookworm who has some paranoia about the things that go into my mouth.

I think that sums it up.

Hope that's what you were looking for!

And thanks for sharing that about yourself :).

TexasLady said...

1. I always have a song in my head...Always
2. My youngest son thinks I have a micro chip implanted in my brain because I know the words to songs that were popular before I was even born
3. I am ususally, almost instinctively, dancing in some form or fashion to said brain song. This brings great embarrassment to my sons when they are with me. Therefore, I exaggerate greatly and use wild gestures when they are with me...heh
4. I am terrified of driving on the freeway
5. I would give an appendage to have the voice of Ann Wilson and the musical talents of Nancy Wilson.
6. Guilty pleasures.....Ballatore's, chili con queso (not together!) and WMS..WOOT!
7. If I had seen the movie "Almost Famous" my senior year of high school- my college years would have been spent being Sting's groupie!

austere said...

1.I like being thrifty. Tightwad, even.
2.I love street food. Pani puri, bhel. But put me in a luxury restaurant, and I keep to the basics, bread, curd and rice please.
3.I need sunshine and color. I crave it. I feed off it.
4.I like speed. 200 kmph on the expressway, yes please!
5.I might possibly choose to forget, but not forgive. Given my tendency to politeness, the person concerned would never know. Period.
6.I love exploring lanes and bylanes and walking about in places I know or I don’t really know. Quite good with directions, remembering places too.
7.I tend to quickly pick up “how it goes and then like that, like that..” of a song, any language.