Monday, February 4, 2008


Crews are on time.

You wait for our case today, we waited 3 hours past call time. Thus, the one scene 'easy' shoot of 3-6 ended up being finished at 9.45.

Odd people ride the 'R' at 10.30P....and I'm not counting myself among that group.


golfwidow said...

You'd better start pretending you're odd, then. It will help you to blend.

Start small. Buy a stuffed toy or a hand puppet and begin talking to it.

Quin said...

gmta... we found a rubber chicken in the street, and have started to use it as a stand in.

Peter Varvel said...

I had a rubber chicken when I was in junior high. His name was Colonel Snardoodle.

Buy cheap, plastic toy cell phones and have conversations on them. If the odd ones approach too closely, offer it to them and say, "It's for you." They would probably answer and continue a conversation on their own. That could buy you precious seconds to escape to safety.