Friday, February 22, 2008


I love the Academy Awards.

I've never missed watching them since I can remember... I even used to get dressed up, and have champagne... what a hoot.

This year, I'm working.... gargh.

So, in are my choices, which I've also posted on my blog over at CityChick, along with my review of There Will be Blood:

I had thought my fellow writers would hold out, and use the Academy Awards as their final stand, but, they gave in, and there will be the red carpet and gold statues on Sunday.

Therefore, allow me to give you my humble choices for the big awards….having seen all the films nominated (much to my budget’s dismay… although it did mean cutting into my food budget, which means smaller hips…hey! this isn’t such a bad idea after all!)


Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

And the winner is: No Country for Old Men

Best Director

Julian Schnabel — The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Jason Reitman — Juno
Tony Gilroy — Michael Clayton
Joel and Ethan Coen — No Country for Old Men
Paul Thomas Anderson — There Will Be Blood

This was a hard one… people like Reitman, Schnabel should win for Diving Bell, but,

The winner is: The Coens!

Best Actor

George Clooney — Michael Clayton
Daniel Day Lewis — There Will Be Blood
Johnny Depp — Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Tommy Lee Jones - In the Valley of Elah
Viggo Mortensen — Eastern Promises

No one but Day-Lewis should bother to show up that night, except to get drunk and buy him congratulations drinks.

Best Actress

Cate Blanchett — Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Julie Christie — Away from Her
Marion Cotillard — La vie en rose
Laura Linney — The Savages
Ellen Page — Juno

I want to give this to Ellen Page. Without her, Juno doesn’t work, even with Diablo Cody’s dialogue. In fact, it is because of her the dialogue works. It’s too sharp, too smart at times… Page makes it believable. However, Christy, Christy makes you weep. See Away from Her if you can (review in the blog this week). You will never forget it.

The winner is: Julie Christie. (although I’m still pulling for Page)

Adapted Screenplay

Christopher Hampton — Atonement
Sarah Polley — Away From Her
Ronald Harwood — The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Joel and Ethan Coen — No Country For Old Men
Paul Thomas Anderson — There Will Be Blood

The winner is: No Country for Old Men

Original Screenplay

Diablo Cody — Juno
Nancy Oliver — Lars and the Real Girl
Tony Gilroy — Michael Clayton
Brad Bird, Jim Capobianco, Jan Pinkava — Ratatouille
Tamara Jenkins — The Savages

The money is on Diablo Cody. I’m going to say the winner is: Tony Gilroy.

Supporting Actor

Casey Affleck — The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Javier Bardem — No Country for Old Men
Phillip Seymour Hoffman — Charlie Wilson’s War
Hal Holbrook — Into the Wild
Tom Wilkinson — Michael Clayton

The winner is: Javier Bardem. Sorry Casey.

Supporting Actress

Cate Blanchett — I’m Not There
Ruby Dee — American Gangster
Saoirse Ronan — Atonement
Amy Ryan — Gone Baby Gone
Tilda Swinton — Michael Clayton

I’m crossing my fingers, and going with Saoirse (seer-sha) Ronan. The kid made Atonement work, plus, she’s the star in “Lovely Bones“. Even though I adore Tilda Swinton, I’m saying, the winner is: Saoirse Ronan.

There you have it…. sadly, I won’t know how I’ve done myself until late Sunday, as I’m working on a film set that night. We’ll see, we’ll see. Drop off your own predictions, make sure you dress up nicely to watch, and by all means….have fun!


lisa nance said...

I'm still holding out for Johnny to win...

Quin Browne said...

i know, sweetie... i know.

Writeprocrastinator said...

You're it and that's a shame about having to work the Oscars.

austere said...

The broadcast is you know what time? At six in the morning, our time.

I will of course, watch the winner, squinting at the subtitles trying to match with the version of American accent.

You can't watch, somehow, anyhow?

constant drama said...

Atonement should not win anything just coz they cast Knightley in it.

I rest my case.

golfwidow said...

I keep wondering if Johnny Depp is going to get it this year to make up for all the stuff he didn't get it for, but should have. Like Robin Williams winning for Good Will Hunting.

Quin Browne said...

a~i wish, i wish. i think it would be rather fun doing it your way.

cd~you've cried that river. it was still good.

gw~ if he were up against the rest of the field, i'd say he stood a chance. go watch 'there will be blood tonight', then tell me he does.

i mean, have that man of yours take you out to the films and stuff...


inflammatory writ said...

I just caught Michael Clayton and I think George Clooney was Screwed by Oscar. DDL has it in the bag, and rightfully so, but GC should have at least been nominated.

Quin Browne said...

he IS nominated... he won't win, though.. i think if ddl wasn't in the running, viggo should win.

Writeprocrastinator said...

You were pretty spot on with your predictions and I never would've picked Tilda for anything, despite the fact that I enjoy her work immensely.

Quin Browne said...

yeah, i'm pretty surprised myself.. the only one i didn't really get was best actress... i named them all, didn't i, even if i put some personal faves above who i thought would win..

i KNEW i should have put money on them!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

So I finally got to it!

8 Things and Whatnot

Quin Browne said...

so i saw...