Monday, February 18, 2008

Boys Will be Boys


What are they like?

I am the only woman on the set of the film I am working on just now. There is a make up designer, and a wardrobe person, but, they are located away from us... so, during the shoot, unless called for, you don't see them. I am there, 12-16 hours a day, with up to 18 men, the only XX chromosome human there.

A discussion started among the boys the other day, about who they were going out with, who they want to go out with, blah blah blah, that started after one scene was shot that discusses a strip club. Now, this scene describes a very unattractive stripper, and how drunk one character was when he was with her. They all said how you'd have to be drunk to go out with an unattractive girl.

I raised the question of looks...

"It's true then, boys do care about how you look... it's not the "Oh, I really want someone I can love and laugh with" and all of that. If you were looking at personal ads, and one said, "I am of average looks, bright, witty, and fun to be around" and one said, "I am beautiful.", who would you contact?"

They all hemmed and hawed, and finally said, "The second one."

Why? Beauty.

Not even the age so much as the looks. All of that stuff about being average is okay is a huge lie, perpetuated by mothers.

Boys want girls to be pretty, and girls kill themselves to do just that. At every age. They check out the other girls and wonder, "Do I look better than her? Is my skin as nice? Does my ass look good in these pants? (poor boys! How often do you get glared at for giving the wrong answer for that question?) Occasionally, they will flirt with the girl who was born 35, the Jo March (think Little Women) girls of the world, however, they are filler material.

Let the Amy March come along (sorry, I just re-read Little Women), the flighty, pretty, girly girl, and they are off with the hunting pack.

Boys are liars. And stupid sometimes. Not all of them, thank heavens.... still, enough to have made a difference in my life. Enough to make me wary.

I can't just blame boys, girls do it too, to their friends, to their daughters.... pretty rules the day.

And that, my friends, is how it goes.


constant drama said...

Its sad isnt it? Kinda makes me wanna kill myself. Or get plastic surgery....hhhmmmm.....Ah screw it.

golfwidow said...

I always get looked at cross-eyed when I point out how, when an average-looking woman with low self-esteem stands up and shouts, "I am beautiful," she is applauded ...

... but when a classically beautiful woman with THE SAME LOW SELF-ESTEEM does the same thing, she is considered conceited.

austere said...

And if you're not, you learn a trade and take care of yourself and say ptoee.

Been saying that all my life.

The UnaDater said...

dont you hate it when you connect with someone emotionally, talk about sex with them and find they are exactly like you sexually, and finish each others sentences religiously and yet this one person is not attracted to you!

This happen to the UnaDater tonight... no matter how amazing our time was she insisted that we are just friends and we are not sleeping together.

In typical UD style I simply said, Never say never. She agreed!

God please!!!

good night

ps she is by the far the hottest woman I have ever been around and yes that has a big something to do with this comment

Quin Browne said...

i'm going to say yes to all of you.

i had a huge trama tonight, and am still reeling from that.

TheInvestment said...

Brains > beauty. I'm sorry but there's no way I could ever date a dumb girl.

I'd go with the average girl. As far as the looks go; looks can grow on you. That can also fade though, as it can with the interesting/funny bit. But those two traits are a safer bet IMO. I'll take them over something that could be ruined in a bad cat fight any day.

The UnaDater said...

I just realized that I totally know what set you are on!

My friend is a stripper in it!

Writeprocrastinator said...

It's the same double standard where a man says he wants a woman that is a size two and he hasn't seen his feet for years because he looks about fifteen months pregnant.

Men think they look sooo much better than they are and unfortunately, women let them get away with it.