Monday, February 18, 2008

The Chart

I am a thief.

I stole the item below from my blogging bud, TR.

Have a gander, and decide for yourself where you stand....

The Relationship Chart

This is a re-post from my other blog (September 4, 2007), though I thought it would fit in well here. So without further delay.....

So I got this from a friend, and it was far too funny not to post. I was looking at it, and for the most makes total sense. Take a look at it for a second and think about previous relationships you've had, and where each person falls.....scary, huh? Let's look at each area:

(For reference....I put a quadrant image below, for the non-math people) (he must have known I'd show up one day and take it!)

1. Zone of Pain......that just makes me laugh. Who hasn't found themselves there a few times?

2. Friend...definitely makes sense, though I'd probably skew mine a bit to the right, since I have hot friends. :) As for the Relationship Temptation, I've never actually tried that area, though I'm sure it works for some people.

3. F-Buddy.....dangerous yet entertaining zone. I think it'd have to be a bit more skewed to Quadrant I for the relationship temptation, but beautiful women make men do stupid things, so who knows! This use to be my playground/sandbox, but I think I've finally learned my lesson....maybe. Okay, not really....but at least I'm getting closer to where I'm suppose to be.

4. Awkwardness......both of these are appropriately named, though I'd move each one farther out on their respective Axi. There should be a void in between the ZoP, F-Buddy, F, and DZ....a no man's land if you will...and it should be named "Extreme Awkwardness". This area is like the ZoP...but worse.

5. Dating about hitting the nail on the head. It incorporates the possible awkwardness, the solid "dating, but not going anywhere", and the slight marriage possibility (which should be higher and farther away in Quadrant I.....though with the amount of divorces out there, you'd think it was much closer).

6. The Null Set.....Lest we forget this area. This is the area where unicorns, leprechauns, Jennifer Anniston, and Amanda Bynes play. I'd think it should be closer to Quadrant III, mainly because of the challenges of the ideal and whatnot.

So there you have it, but before you go....ask yourself, where do you tend to fall on the Relationship Chart?

No, I have no plans on saying where I am in this chart. Tsk for even asking.

Thanks, Therapeutic Ramblings!

Our Neville Fact:

Our Neville once played Oberon in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". During the run of the play, he developed a huge crush on Bitty Abshire-Timesworth, who played Titania, leaving her little nosegays of flowers and small notes of his devotion, taken from the sonnets, never signed. Bitty thought they came from Harold Blakley who played Bottom, falling in love, seducing him at the cast party, and eloping afterwards. Occasionally, Neville and Margaret run into Bitty and Harold Blakley at the London Museum, always causing Neville to stammer and again feel that rush of first love, first heartbreak, and wonder...what if.


Kari said...

Things like this make me very happy I'm not single. Very happy indeed.

The UnaDater said...

I am definitely that spot that touches Zone of Pain, Friend, Awkwardness, Dating Zone, Awkwardness, F-Buddy!


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Glad you enjoyed it!! I'm currently hanging out in the FB zone, but I may drift up....we'll see!

golfwidow said...

I wouldn't EVEN want to try to find myself on this thing.

Peter Varvel said...

Your playground/sandbox? Don't furgit: that's where the kitties bury their shit.

Or is that what you meant?

I am one of the non-math people, and I would hate to think that emotionally, we are this predictable.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Peter: LOL @ the sandbox comment. I do still play there. As for being emotionally predictable....I don't think it is that, it is just an easy way to evaluate where you are with others.