Saturday, September 29, 2007

Am I Back?

Train to go anywhere? Check.

Statue of Liberty? Check.

First time back underground to travel, is there a crazy person, dressed in red, yelling at everyone on the other platform, "GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! DIS HERE IS 'MERICA! YOU PEOPLE ALL CAUSED PROBLEMS!!! (here, she throws an empty coffee cup)I GOT MY WAR PAINT ON YOU COCKSUCKERS!! (please note, she's not Native American) I'M IN RED, 'CAUSE I GOT MY WAR PAINT ON MUTHERFUCKERS!! FUCK ALL OF YOU!" Check

Everyone on my platform carry on with their own business? Check

First announcement I hear "The R train is running slower than usual (we've been waiting 20 minutes). The W train, however, is on time. (The W train has been sitting there for 14 of those 20 minutes.. it moves forward, then back into place). Check.

First stop Chinatown, where I am asked in quick progression, "Do you want to buy watch/purse/movie? Check

The scent and taste of Chinatown? Check

Buy what I need from the dollar store on Mulberry? Check

Lunch with C from a falafel cart on the street? Check

Eight million people, walking as fast as they can, cell phones to their ears, giving me things to listen to, people to watch, stories to tell? Check

Yeah, I'm back.


Bud said...

Yup, that's home and you do love it, don'tcha?

golfwidow said...

Who does a checklist to make sure they're in New York City? You are the most organized person in the world.

Quin said...

bud~ah huh now, i have to go put the winter coats on the black hangers over the boots in the front closet, and the rest of my clothes on the white hangers over the shoes in the back closet.