Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Making Applesauce

Today, Mrs S and I set up the new red apple peeler.

We went into her lower garden with the cute little wheelbarrow, prepared to pick apples, bring them inside, peel them effectively with the aforementioned red apple peeler, and create many canned apple products.

Last year, we didn't get to partake of this ritual, with her having a wedding to prepare for, and me dealing with cancer.... so, we rubbed our hands together in glee, knowing our last day together would be spent in a productive fashion, laughing and making up jars and jars of stuff.

We walked down to the trees... to find the grass beneath them covered with fallen apples.. slimy, disgusting, nasty, rotten apples. The apple tree held around 47 apples, which would produce one jar of applesauce.


I looked at her and said, "Let's go eat lunch."

We did take an apple inside and tried out the new red apple peeler, and it worked a charm. We also broke open a coconut, and ate some of it.... and I did a load of laundry.

Mascara in place, it was into Norma, top down, and off to have bar-b-que at the local place which has amazing Texas style food, served on paper plates with plastic forks and spoons.

Why waste money on cleaning up serving utensils, when you can underpay your staff and just toss everything in the trash? Who needs all those trees anyway

We decided I should focus a bit, and try and pack some of the things I need to ship back home to New York. Instead of clearing out items, I managed to find at least another box of 'must haves' to UPS out. Who can live without that cute tray that once held type and I hang on a wall filled with crap? Oh, and I really, really need the photo of my Dad and his brother. And the many items the kids made me when they were in grade school.

I don't have a bed or anything to sleep or sit on, but, by god, I have an antique coffee grinder!

In other words, I was unproductive.

We did go sit in the park, after going to Sonic and getting limeades and wondering how it was someone managed to crash into the drive through right where it says "CLEARANCE 9 FEET". We looked at the trees changing colours, and talked about finding arrow heads. We didn't cry.

We also picked up my Dad from the old house, and took him along for the ride. Mrs S forgot he was in the car, and patted the urn in the velvet bag, making a comment about my bowling ball... it was fun to see her look so shocked when she remembered it was him in there.

She seldom loses her cool.

Still, with our laid back day, I'm stuck with telling people we were going to make apple products. We found out with a big enough marker, you can sorta change the date on the old stuff to look like 2007.

When I give you a jar, don't ask questions, okay?


Peter Varvel said...

47 apples to make one jar?
Strange then, how fresh apples are more expensive than jarred apple sauce.

I miss Sonic! We used to have one, one city away from Disneyland.
Mmm, tater tots slathered in chili and cherry limeade!

Actress Andrea said...

Oh. My. God. You said "Sonic." :) YUM! I miss that place. Sadly, being on Jenny Craig, I doubt I'll be able to visit ever again... (but seriously, the tater tots and a Cherry Limeaide are H-E-A-V-E-N!!)

And yay for Apple picking season! I love fall...

Mrs. S. said...

What do you mean unproductive?
You made NEW memories...making a pile for D.I. the size of Yankee Stadium; reminiscing over old photos in new scrapbooks with Miss M.; dumping last spring's chocolates in next month's trash; trying to feel superior to the "other" white trash in the park while dissing & gossiping about they who must not be named; planning for tomorrow...and the next day...and the next...and

golfwidow said...

I notice others are as fixated on Sonic as I am. We flat haven't got one here and I can't stand it.

I think you've got a new term for being "unproductive," that I will be using from now on.

"What'd you do this weekend?"

"Made applesauce."

Bud said...

Fun day, that!

Quin said...

SONIC RULES!! the jarhead worked there once, and did his serving on rollerskates. he made tons of tips.

mrs s~i started laughing on the 'white trash' comment. it was when i said it, what i was doing, and..well, HA!

bud~it was, indeed. and the two toddlers can't read dates, they think those peaches and applesauce i brought home was freshly made by their loved miss quin, just for them.

Peter Varvel said...

Omg, I sooo wanted to be a boy carhop, "in the eighties," when I was in high school!
The guy who did the hiring looked at me funny when I inquired about the job.
Our little cow town of Corona wasn't too progressive back then.

Quin said...

peter~he missed out hiring you. the boy carhops made far more tips than the girls did. and the only time the jarhead ever, EVER dropped his tray? serving me.


Eric said...

You know, I love that, for the most, NYC is missing the typical chains which seem to the ubiquitous dining out choices in the rest of the country.
But damn it if I don't miss a Brown Bag special from Sonic.
And a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper.

Quin said...

we should petition sonic to hit new york

can you see it now.... sonic in the west village?


The Bee said...

Packing is the WORST. Errr... I am the WORST at it. Hang in there! :)