Sunday, September 9, 2007

Toddlers T.V.

Who invented the Doodlebops?

And, why?

Why do The Toddlers find them irresistible? This show, along with Yo Gabba Gabba, have played for hours over the last 36 waking hours I've been here.

Yo Gabba Gabba? Where did they find the name? Did some Account Exec come in drunk, was pushed for the name on the spur of the moment, and his secretary heard him throwing up in his trashbasket? Was it the call of one stoned Yankees fan to another on the 4 train after a win? "Yo! Gabba! Gabba!" and thus a children's series was created?

I can see why the adults who are in said series wear heavy make-up. For some reason, I see them as modern day Soupy Sales and crew, drinking in their dressing rooms.... doing their stint on the set, removing the concealing make-up and wigs, and listing their occupations as 'research assistant' when they apply for loans.

I suffered through years of 'Sesame Street', which wasn't bad, looking back on it. Paul Simon was on, you had the Count, and let's be honest, we all wondered about Bert and Ernie. Mr. Rogers lived in a world where no child ever shoved a broomstick in the spokes of another child's bike as he rode past, and He-Man let my son run around in plastic armour.

I've yet to see any little boy dressed as a Doodlebop.

Well, not in Utah.


golfwidow said...

Electric Company. Ch, air. Chair. Ch, op. Chop.

The Bee said...

A Doodlebop? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?! They certainly did not exist during my childhood.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I must have been a sheltered kid, I never wondered about Bert and Ernie. Didn't even occur to me!

Quin said...

gw~ ec rocked

bee~be thankful

lisa~as younger watcher, no. as an at home mom who saw far too much bert and ernie..oh, yeah, i wondered. it was they way they looked at each other for that nanosecond too long..

Bud said...

Thankfully, I haven't seen this. Nor anything else in about 15 years. But I suppose when I go out to spend some time with my GD, I'll find it unavoidable. Dear me.

Andrea St. Clair said...

OMG! The fake hair and pink and blue faces scare me! Plus, the female doodlebop kind of sounds like a late-90's pop singer but singing tunes about learning to make your bed or sharing is caring.

I think they are more frightening than the Teletubbies.


Bob Clay said...

I'm more of a Flowerpot Men person myself (unless you're an aging brit, this wont mean much).

But that Weed! she was hot.

Peter Varvel said...

Is it me, or does one of the Doodle Bops resemble Justin Guarini from American Idol, season one?
I'm aging, but not a Brit, but I know of Rupert the Bear . . .

"Hey, you guys!"
("We're gonna turn it on . . ." etc.)
Hey, 'member when Morgan Freeman was on EC?

Quin said...

bud~you, too, will discover these shows


bob~i'll smile politely and pretend i've some idea of what you are on about

peter~i remember morgan on the show, and to be honest, the doodlebops all look like justin.