Saturday, September 22, 2007


I seldom explain.

I am going to bend that rule in my life, and do so now.

My father had his Military service two years ago, with his grandchildren, including the newly christened Marine, the Jarhead, in his full dress blues, directly following his death.

With Katrina, and the chaos following, his placement in the family grave was put off. It wasn't just Katrina, I realise now, it was also my reluctance to... let go.

The price quoted to me to dig a small hole was astronomical... and dad would have build himself into an agnostic Golem to beat me to death if I'd paid it... swinging his cane at me... and saying, "QUIN!! Dig that yourself! That's my girl... you can do this."

And, I did, Dad. I did.


Anonymous said...

Your dad would have had a fit if you would have paid some huge fees and I know he was laughing somewhere, watching the digging process, and crying with you, knowing how he loved you.

All will be well.

bobclay said...

illegitimi non carborundum ...

(don't give me a hard time with the spelling or latin grammer... I'm working class for f**ksake).

It's an example of "Clay's Law" Addi .... every square kilometre of the Earth's surface contains at least one wanker.

(don't give me hard time about the maths either's saturday night, and I've just returned from the village pub).

I'm sure you know what I mean...sort of.

Quin said...

anon~whomever you are, you are right.

bob~i do.

Bud said...

Somehow I kind of had this one figured out.

golfwidow said...

I'm just glad you didn't put him in the freezer like those creepy sisters in the UK, who not only haven't buried their mum yet, but have the funeral home who's storing her bring her out once a month so they can visit with her.

(I told the Mom about that and added, "I love you and all, but not that much. Just so you know.)

Quin said...

gw~HA! he used to say he wanted to be frozen, then brought back when he was one day younger than i was...just so he could gloat.

Verminous Countenance said...


I'm soooo gonna tell my daughter that.

Quin said...

verm~i so believe you