Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Mousetrap

Klaus called.

Norma is ready to be picked up. He was done, he said. He had discovered the problem, and, his voice, icy with disdain, advised me it could easily have been avoided, if I took better care of my car.

"Why, why do you mean?" innocence dripped from my voice.

"You do not garage this car." Each word was clipped. Dripping with Teutonic scorn.

"I....I...." he had me. I've heard some people use those big attached storage units on their houses for cars, but, I thought it was an urban legend.

"You are right, she sits outside, BUT, she has a car cover!"

"Oh, they love those, the car covers. They can glide under them, doing their evil work. You. Don't. Deserve. This. Car. They got to it." His voice shook with rage.

"Who? What? Did a Keebler elf go bad? What happened to my car??"

"A mouse. A dirty mouse crawled up inside your car, while you had it sitting outside in a carrrr cover... and it made a nest in the wires, and it ate through. You may pick up this masterful piece of machinery at 2P. Bring your checkbook."

He hung up.

A fucking mouse.



golfwidow said...

Damn mouse couldn't eat the cheap cars down the street. Oh, no.

Quin said...

couldn't eat hrh's 1989 ford taurus parked next to it...

bob clay said...

Well... I don't want to take the Mickey (dya get it, Mickey..Mouse)


(guffaw) ... (I should get paid for this shit).

Quin said...

your check (cheque)is in the mail

Peter Varvel said...

Aww. The poor lil' mice were just looking for the closest available shelter. Cold winters where you are/were, no?
Or maybe it needed to be shaded from August heat.

Peter Varvel said...

And thanks for adding me to the "reasons you're late" list!
As a recent newbid to blog land, I'm honored!

Peter Varvel said...

. . . er, make that 'newbiE.'
Sorry, if I got you all excited at the site of three whole new comments . . .

Quin said...

utah winters are cold where i am... i used to put out little tables with a menu of the varied mouse poisons...a teeny candle.. some cheap wine. they would arrive in droves, bringing their relatives from the old country.

bless their furry dried up bodies we'd find in the spring!

and, you are a welcome addition!

Peter Varvel said...

Oh, my!
I'm such a bleeding heart for the animals, even the vermin.
I get upset when Domestic Partner wants rain down the Raid on crickets in the house--the noise drives him crazy--and innocent grasshoppers in the backyard.

Quin said...

grasshoppers must die.

i love your dp