Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Unpack 16 Boxes, and What Do You Get?

A lot of crap.

I only had one broken item.. my favourite teapot.... English in origin, something I've had for ages and ages.. and the handle broke.

I have coffee, coffee cups, a coffee pot... and nothing to boil water in.

I have stainless and knives, and no plates.

I have a topsheet, but, no bottom one.

My pillows are in Brooklyn.

I brought four lamps.... I've no idea why, aside from the fact I like them.

I have my beautiful pottery HRH bought me from the local ceramics teacher. ALL of my old purses; I don't carry a purse in New York. Shoes, boots, four coats, magnets, two alarm clocks, my feather bed, books, dvd's (I don't have a TV) odds and ends... things to make this place a home.

Tomorrow, I take the Ferry into Manhattan.... I promise not to sing. I have curtains to buy, hangers, something to put my clothes in, and the WeatherGuy thinks I should buy a microwave, since I bought microwave food and have nothing to cook it in.

He's amusing, considering I can't carry a microwave home.

I mean, really.

I should have shipped one, I packed everything else.


Peter Varvel said...

"DON'T tell me not to . . . !"
Okay, I promise not to sing, either. ;-)

Mrs. S. said...

I knew I should have been supervising your processing at the storage unit! Too bad you didn't want any dinner delivered...might have made you think of a pot, a microwave, bubble wrap??? heehee

Quin said...

peter~we'll do a duet

mrs s~i know, i know

golfwidow said...

I thought of an alternate title for this post: Purses and Maledictions.

Quin said...

*pretending not to hear*

Bud said...

Life is going to be in such upheaval for a while. The sheet mishap perplexes me the most, I think.