Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Truth About Me

One of the funniest men I read, Hoosier Joe, tagged me.

I have to elaborate on the words/phrases, here goes:

Accent – I don't really have one, as many people from New Orleans tend to grow up without a real accent. I have what is called the 'non accent' accent. I do tend to reflect any dialect I'm faced with, and can mimic ones fairly easily.

Alcholic Drink – Tonic and lime for me....unless Todd is buying, and he forgets and throws in the occasional vodka. If I do drink, it's tequila.

Chore I Hate – Laundry. I don't mind ironing, I love using linen spray and the mindlessness of ironing, but, the rest....*shudder*

Pets – The infamous Westie.

Essential Electronic – My sweet laptop computer, Bob.

Perfume/Cologne – I use this great rose soap I bought at the street fair I went to with GolfWidow and LisaB and DeniB. I also use ylangylang/rose spray from Bed and Body works...but, they stopped making it. My read perfume, when I go out (both times a year) is Dior's Dioressence. You can't buy it here anymore...ah, well. I've a bottle of Joy, but, I've never opened it.

Gold or silver – I wear pearl earrings or gold hoops, a gold necklace, my dad's wedding ring and a silver watch. That's it.

Insomnia – Depends.

Job Title – Depends

Most Admired Trait – Wow. Good manners, I suppose.

Kids – Five.

Religion – Raised Catholic, now, I believe in God and made a deal... I won't show up in one of his houses if he doesn't show up in mine.

Siblings – One, my brother whom I was allowed to name. Recently, he forgave me. He's in the film industry, and is married to the most wonderful woman in the world. I also have a number of sisters of the heart that God loved me enough to put into my life. Oh, and Mr. Neebes.

Time I wake up – I get out of bed around 8AM. I wake up around 10AM

Unusual talent/skill – I can tear a phone book in half.

Vegetable I refuse to eat – Rutabaga

Worst habit – Pointing out bad props/time continuity in plays to my companions. Pointing out continuity issues during films to my friends. I now find myself attending both alone. When working on plays, I usually have the entire script memorised, and unknowingly will start to say the lines sotto voce, causing said friends (who are usually the directors) to make me sit in the boxes, since I also cringe when a line is dropped.

X-rays – Are difficult props to find.

My favorite meal – A big Southern Sunday dinner or sitting on a back porch eating boiled crawfish and blue crabs with corn and potatoes on a table covered with newspaper while you drink cold beer, followed with bread pudding and fresh strawberry ice cream.

The tagging to continue goes to....

GolfWidow, The Prince, Amber, Bud, ending with CajunBoy

that makes it go full circle on the Louisiana crowd from Joe to me to CB.


Bud said...

You can rip a phone book?? That should come in handy with 5 kids. I never do memes but you have no way of knowing that. So I'll do this one later in the week but not in list form. And I won't tag anybody because, well I don't do that. If I'm particularly inspired or just trying to avoid working on the songs I MUST work on for a gig next Saturday, I might give a shot at a lyric to answer the meme. That's not a promise. More like a wish.

golfwidow said...

Been there and done that. I tried to throw a trackback to you, but I don't know if Blogger allows that.

Also, I used to could rip a phone book (Bess Myerson did it on TV when I was a tiny kid and showed how to do it) but I doubt I still can.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Too many deadlines. You're going to have to guess in my place. :)

Quin said...

look, i don't do meme's either.

but, i avoided the first two he sent

so... all of you, get a fucking straw and suck it up.


LisaBinDaCity said...

Glad you are enjoying your soap!

I hate memes, (doing them not reading them,) so much that my blog is a "No Tag Zone." Seriously, it says that ;-)

Corey's Mum said...

if you want... there's a lady on ebay who duplicates scents. i can give you her URL if you want it (off ebay). she duplicated, upon my request, B&B Works's discontinued sage and lemongrass and loved it enough to add it to what she sells. I got a dry oil from her for under $10... and L'Empress has been using a 2 oz "sample" creme that I got for her, for about four months. (rose scent)

(I should see if she could duplicate the body shop dry oil i bought in 2000!)

Quin said...

ohhhhh, i may do that.

wait until i get home...

thanks...<3 (i think that's the hug thing)

modelbehavior said...

I've never understood these things. They're called Meme's, right? And people send them to you? What does Meme's stand for? Anyway, this is one of the cooler ones I've seen!