Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to Move Without Really Trying

Take 15 boxes, 3 rolls of strapping tape and an entire day in a storage shed.

Add one bigass truck, two pairs of scissors you keep losing, a black marker, a blue one, your book you change, things you put back into storage boxes, then put into shipping boxes drop and break.

Drive to UPS, where they say, "Gee, you moving?"

No, I'm doing early holiday mailing, all to the same address.

I still have 4 more boxes to pack and mail, the car to finish tomorrow, and a plane to catch at 1P... along with a conference call with my new boss.

Piece o'cake taking an urn and a dog on the plane after all of that....

On a sad note for me..... Hoosier Joe, who is on my blog roll and one of the funniest, driest, most astute writers I've found in the world of blogging or political writing period, has decided to stop blogging.

Go to his site, and beg him to start up again.

For me, for all of us.

This man deserves to be read by all of us... he is genius.


Bud said...

Has anyone ever tried to ship themselves back UPS? I bet that would be cheap.

golfwidow said...

I don't like everything everyone says, but I'll defend to the death their right to say it (paraphrasing Voltaire).

I was vaguely offended by parts of his post from yesterday, but I managed to think of something nice to say about what I did like, and ignored the offensive stuff. Which is how I tend to roll.

R said...

Odd how you finally find the time to read something, only to find that you have missed the opportunity to read something else.

Odd how you realise how little you know until you find out something.

Odd how you can get more shirts in a wardrobe when they're in order of colour.

Safe journey. Will say Kaddish for the bowling ball on YK.

Quin said...

gw~i didn't see yesterday's post, so, perhaps i missed something i should be filled in on...

i await filling in.

oh, and, hello from new orleans!!

bud~good idea

r~thank you.