Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meandering Words

Woke up early today...bit hard to sleep when you've a pit bull who rests his head on your shoulder and has nightmares, snorting and snuffling... yelping then licking your face when he wakes up and realises he's not being prodded and poked and made to fight anymore. He's a sweetheart of a dog, who will lie at your feet for hours, yet, it is those times in his deep sleep that whatever he was put through in that garage comes out, showing humans aren't the only ones who dwell with demons.

With my eyes opened, the younger dogs decided this meant 'walk'. I took them all to the park, let the poodle pretend she was young and vibrant.. she prances if you call her 'sexy thing'... then dropped her back off to sleep. Showered myself, put on the boots, and we were off before 9A, headed in a different direction than our usual stroll into SoHo. Uptown we went, grabbing coffee from my lunchtime deli, moving along Broadway, sitting in a park near Staples where they chased new pigeons who didn't know their tactics.. and they came close to catching one. It looked a bit like a homeless pigeon of the pigeon clan, feathers tattered... I looked around for his musical instrument of choice to see how he made his money. Thankfully, they missed catching him, because I really didn't want to have to pull it out of their mouths.

The sky was overcast, teasing about a shower that never happened... heavy, thick air. I've forgotten about humidity. The upside is, you have great hair and skin... the downside feel heavy and sweaty. Summer should be great fun.

Up Broadway, down sidestreets, over, around... I was going to walk towards the water, to see how close Christopher Street is... I have tickets to a show there later in the season, and I may walk...although I will be wearing heels. No, really. I will. The subway may be a better idea in the long run.

We eventually walked back down towards our 'hood.. that always makes me laugh to say that word.. Tribeca, a hood. Who in the world was stupid enough to put the local Social Services office in the middle of Tribeca? Next to Bread, a high end eatery, you have people getting foodstamps that would pay for a meal or two.... I direct those who have that lost look in their eyes every week to the address... they watch the well dressed skim over the sidewalks who watch them back with a "please, don't touch me" gaze. Crossroads of life....

All of us were dragging by then... three hours of walking is a goodly time...but, we still had our sausage run to make. Over Canal, to the deli, where they have the sausage wrapped before I get back to the counter. Outside, the dogs howl in sorrow.... nothing is as joyful as their faces when I walk back out. No memory, so, to them, I've been gone forever.... they do the dog dance, I break up the sausage and they grab it out of mid-air.

Such a mundane existence.... the day before was spent in auditions, and meeting with my new director/screenwriter. Excitement enough on that level...I've hopes this will be a good collaboration, giving me another connection to film, letting me polish my craft... he's a director who is willing to let me add a few points, is hungry as I am for good film, and has handed over the artistic side of casting. It's a decent script... I'm timing it, working out days, and will audition next week when I'm done with the play that goes up.

N is working, the terrier is resting after her long weekend sleepover, I've lost my cancer meds and will have to have a rush re-fill... all in all.... a lazy day in a busy weekend.

Yes, online journals are stupid sometimes... mine especially. Still, it exists to remind me later in life when I think each day gives me a new dress and I only have one in my closet that once upon a time, I had lots of words to say....and sometimes, people read them.

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Triple M said...

Ah, here we go!

Good to be back in your NYC life again!