Sunday, April 29, 2007


Headed home from the hustle and bustle of the concern of again worrying about flats and moving.

I missed out on viewing one place because I was called to come here to dogsit. The super won't answer on the 'tip the super and get a place' tip, and although I know N will give me a week or so, I'm not going to ruin a friendship over this.

Work here done, my stuff packed, I head home on the loooooooooooooooooocal in a bit. My head is stuffy from pollen it's not used to, however, the walks have been amazing this weekend, my ass is higher off the back of my knees...woot... and I'm good with the universe.

The loves in my life are in that place of light and love... keep your fingers crossed as I dash across the hallway in a long grey tshirt and naught more to grab my jeans from the dryer.

I may keep some young person from ever wanting to have children if they see me.

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