Friday, April 20, 2007


The last two days have been a delight.

Winter may have had a final spit of 'PAH!'... spring...spring however, is here. Suddenly, all of the restaurants have their al fresco dining areas open... something I need be mindful of when the pitbull sees a tree that catches his fancy. I'm spending more and more time pulling and saying in a wheedling tone, "Park? Wait for the park?"

I believe this is greatly appreciated not only by the diners, but, the owners themselves. I can't imagine anyone's appetite would be improved by his prodigious watering abilities.

It looks as if people have come out of the woodwork... you get the feeling of Dorothy in Munchkinland... one second the street is empty, the next... people materialise and I've no idea where from.

Tribeca is gearing up for the film festival... sidewalks will again be filled by plastic, both in cards and in people... our walks will be stunted because I'm back to mid-afternoon strolls, and the early morning visits have ended. That quiet will be sorely missed.

The route changes daily..through Chinatown or walk to Broome and see where it leads... go down Broadway for a mile or so...maybe head down towards the river. It begins and ends the same, however... Tribeca Park, to the deli.. coffee for me, a sausage for the dogs... and we're off, wandering where we can, ending in the park just off West Broadway, and a final leg home past the Grand. An hour and a mile or so coffee is usually spilled on me, the dogs have watered every place they can, and the brisk walk they started with, pulling me along, has slowed to a sedate walk at my heels.

We pass a number of folk, and once past Canal, you can see the visitors of SoHo venturing out...hats, scarves, heels or flats....they are thin, chic, older men, younger girls...the beautiful people. Some have dogs, too. They walk them with leashes that co-ordinate with their shoes or dress...small, yippy dogs... Large, noble dogs...all looking very well cared for and very expensive. Then we walk by... jeans, a tshirt, cowboy boots or old flats.. with two white dogs sporting shabby, chewed up leashes. We are looked at, and looked down on.

I'm not sure why... they have to pick up poo the same way I do. Poo is the great equaliser in the dog world.

The air is balmy, the dogs are now curried and clipped, the crazy people are here... it's officially spring.

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