Friday, April 27, 2007

Nighttime, Day Left Hours Ago

How I missed the 6'5"ness of CB on Canal, I'll never know.

He's right, though... them Frenchies are everywhere. I could here moi's and vous' all over the place as my friend, J, and I walked up from Chinatown to West Broadway to have a drink....

We pooh pooh'd the West Village... deciding it was far better to spend out money on an extra drink than on cab fare, and settled into the SoHo Grand. Aside from her stepping on my new grape coloured sometimes glasses, it was a swell time. I walk past the Grand daily, exchanging nods with the doormen... they laughed as they held a door open for me tonight to walk in instead of just walk by..

Very nice inside, very cozy, very clever. I could see enjoying a drink with someone aside from my friend..a champagne cork popped at the next group of chairs with a young girl and an older it was, we chatted about men, the lines they use, if you should ever stop hope... and my advice was; no. Even if you feel you were led on before, if you think you will be hurt in the end, if you disclose your soul, and you get little in return... never stop believing that this time, your trust will be rewarded.

She picked up her stuff, we came home, and she's asking the guy to come visit.

Sometimes, I guess I make sense.

One day, I'll listen to myself. I just don't know when.


Andrea St. Clair said...

In my younger days, friends and I used to go places pretending to be French. We totally thought we were cool. Sadly, though, all I know was "How are you," "my name is...," and the lyrics to Frarer Jacques, not to mention the plethora of ballet terms.

Man. I really was a dork.

P.S. CB is 6'5"? Damn, he's tall! :)

Quin said...

when are you in nyc?? my handsome sons will be here midjunish... i'm humming matchmaker.

Andrea St. Clair said...

:) I think my friend and are aiming for June 7th through 12th...I think.