Friday, April 27, 2007


I adore my walks...I meet the amazing, interesting, and the absurd.

No bums today, thank goodness. Instead, it was French tourists who asked where Canal Street was. "?Où est Canal?" "Il est là-bas." I said and pointed. That and asking where is the library are the extent of my French phrases.

They went the other way. *insert a Gallic shrug here*

I wove my way though a standing crowd of folk who were actually waiting for the little white guy to say "come on, it's safe to walk!". Like a real New Yorker, I crossed in spite of the red hand of death. You could hear the gasps of envy and whispered words of "Oh, my! Look at her bravery!". Actually, I think they said, "Hey, I think we can cross, too." I prefer my version, though... my ego is a bit low today.

After dragging the dogs away from the main drag, we went to the park, peering about for our friend, Mr. I.P Inpublic. With the coast clear, I sat down to enjoy the quiet, the dogs went about doing dog things, and a nice young man wandered in, muttering words to himself.

At least he was clean.

It turned out, he was on his way to an audition with Kevin Bacon for a new that dealt with the men who escort those who have died in this war home. His role was of a Sargent who had the hard task of seeing these young heroes on their final journey, and the harder task of escorting his own brother homeward. We spoke of the film, of his scene, of the war itself.. of those who actually do this kind of work. He said all of his roles until now had been of gang bangers or rappers...and he wanted to do something deep, emotional. He was worried before he went in, and had stopped in the park to think. I told him when he won his Oscar, he had to invite me to attend.... we laughed and he said he would, he felt relaxed, and ready. He had a good look about him, I could see him doing this kind of role, this sense of honour was in his face.... I hope he wins the part.

While this was going on, the dogs were sitting watching someone eat his noodle soup.... he taunted them by holding up the noodles and dropping them into his mouth. When the actor left, he moved over and sat next to me to chat.

I'm not sure what was more amusing, his exaggerated movements, or the line of drool from both canine mouths.

He was there for the Festival, but, had grown tired of the various, he stopped in Chinatown for soup, and found a quiet place to eat. His film was up for consideration, he didn't care to talk work, he said... he preferred to talk dogs and the weather and bums.

Thus, those were our topics of conversation, sparkling witty conversation on his side, lots of laughter on mine. I am an excellent audience.

We started the meander homeward... a long walk today, as I'm housesitting for the weekend. Everyone seemed to notice the two ratty leashed monsters I had with me.

In front of the SoHo Grand, another couple stopped us... to discuss the pitbull, and tell me in Canada, they are not allowed to be bred anymore. We went on to talk about various places to eat, the cost of American prescription drugs, what films I was going to see at the film festival (none), did I like New York (yes), and a good ten minutes of other bits and bobs of conversational items.

Again, I got the dogs be stopped on Canal and Church by two film producers. Yes, thank you, yes... they are great dogs... no, I'm not going to the films...oh? Your's was a sell out? Congrats! "I Am An American Soldier.". No, no, thanks.... I don't want to see it. I have one of those. Why I didn't want to go see a film about what my son will be involved in was beyond their understanding. One did pat my shoulder and tell me 'thanks for my sacrifice.'. I think he meant well.

Four more stops by people from California...and we made it home.

I'm going to start charging petting rights... I may make enough to pay for my dinner to be delivered tonight.... or...or.... I may get out my silk dress and go to the Waverly Inn.

Ohhhhhhhhh, won't I be posh.


I'm ending up this time being flirted with by The Weather Guy... I've not had someone flirt with me and mean it in a long time, and I feel... good. Yes, it's by text, he's in Canada just now... but, he's taking the time to tell me he's interested in seeing me again, and... well...

it's lovely.

Next comes going out with a friend and then off to the West Village... woot. A real New York evening.

Only one thing could make it perfect.... I'll settle for less than. Right now is still in effect, I suppose.


The Cajun Boy said...

i just came from canal and the frenchies are everywhere. i could hear their accents. WTF? are they invading? is it the film fest?

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